Don’t take criticism from the people you wont take advice from.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. We all take negative comments, criticism from the people we know and we don’t know.we tend to get upset more easily from the criticism and take it more personally and doubt our self worth. There are many people who wont appreciate but judge and criticize us even though we have done a great job and tried our best. Its not our unworthiness but their insecurities which they tend to hide and not accept. There are some people who thinks no one is better than themselves or if some one is they will start to spread bad things and project them negative in other people ‘s mind. there is nothing wrong with you , its wrong with the people who can’t accept failure, rejections or someone doing better than them. But we humans get hurted with the criticism from the people ,Whom you wont go for advice. why to entertain such criticisms from negative people. You won’t go to ask about cooking to an engineer or vice versa. So why would you take criticism from the people who dont know you, who dont know about your profession ,talent and worth. deaf yourself from such people who cant appreciate you or just keep demotivating and saying that how you are a loser . Ask yourself before taking criticism from anyone these questions. Is this person mature enough to understand, does this person have any sort of knowledge about what he is criticizing you, does he know you well , do he know about your capabilities, weaknesses, is this person successful in what he does, lastly would i go for an advice to him ? if the answer is no just deaf yourself to him about whatever he says. The positive side of criticism is that there is growth for improvement . But the criticism should be taken from the people who knows you deeply,who has knowledge about that topic and who genuinely cares for you. in short take criticism from people whom you can rely for advice from. THANK YOU AND MUCH LOVE AND HEALINGS . SAKSHI SHINDE

Life is like a season 🧡

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. Life is like a series of seasons , you never know how long a season will go on, what will be it’s intensity, when will a particular season occur. It’s unpredictable, as we cannot control whether the sun should rise or not, rains should fall or not . We can just do it that how should we react to it. We can’t stop the rain , so we have to arrange umbrella to go to work . We can’t just keep blaming and make excuses whatever comes in our way. What we can control is how we react and instead on focusing on obstacles we should focus on solutions.

We should stop worrying in advance , as you never know what’s going to happen next so instead of wasting that time on thinking endlessly and worrying. Spend your time in the present moment and think about now. The art of living in present is great and should be followed. Life brings happiness, sadness, problems, people which lasts for a particular season. It doesn’t come with a proper timing, sometimes it may bring us what we want, sometimes it may take away what is ours. Something changes ,people becomes strangers, people leaves us , we keep stressing and feeling bad about it. But think that people too are like season’s, some may bring calm rain and then turn into storm, some may bring heat then warm you down. Everyone teaches us something, some teaches us how to deal with them even without us wanting to deal with them. Some teaches us how to live without them.

The series of seasons is endless there is specialty about every season it teaches us something we want to learn or don’t want to . At last it only tells us nothing is constant, there is hope of ray in the dark, sadness after happiness, love , rejection, success, failure. What we can do is to make ourself ready according to season and deal with it. Enjoy the beauty of every season.

Thank you🌸 for reading. Much love❤ and healings 💫to you.

Love❤ yourself first and everything else will fall into line💫.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. Hope you all know how much valuable and worthy you are. There is nothing that can stop you from achieving things you dream of. You are limitless my dear and you deserve all the love ,success and happiness you dream. But , sometimes the scenario is we keep giving others so much of our love we get empty ourselves. We think that the tank of love will fill once the expected person makes a gesture or anyone gives you love. You just being the giver and the other one taker. You don’t know how to take love and they don’t know how to give love. Because both are habitual of giving and taking . The giver has to understand that no matter how much you feel , you too need to fill the tank of love and you should receive the love in return as you make effort to give love to others. The taker also has to understand that it’s not good to overflow the tank of love and keep receiving. You should give back the love you receive.

Making an effort and understanding where you stand in a relationship is much more important. There should always be role reversals as if one is strong and other is emotional that doesn’t mean the strong one has to always pretend to be strong and emotional ones always emotional. The strong also has emotional breakdowns and when it is happening the other one’s have to be strong for them. There should be a balance in life. You all should know your limitations and make boundaries so ,that others would respect you.

Here, some are dependent on others to fill their love tank and some to get back the given love. What if both types of people love themselves first and fill their love tank by loving themselves. The givers won’t feel that they should always depend on others to fill their love tank. The takers will know that we are so filled with love it needs to be shared. Start loving yourself ,and everything will fall in line.

Thank you 🌸for reading . Much love❤ and healings 💚to you.

Day one or one day💁‍♀️

Hello visitors hope you all are doing great. Whatever we want in our life we all have to do some sort of hard work and make ourselves moving to accomplish it. But as the old habit of ours to stay lazy and think that let’s do it tomorrow and it never comes. Keeping ourselves motivated is a tough thing. We can’t always be energetic , we need rest. But there is a difference between being lazy and needing rest. The one day never comes because on day one we never get started.

The motive is not to do excel but to get started. Now lack of motivation and laziness in you will only make you dejected and give up. But you gotta force yourself to get started and hurray you have achieved the first reward towards your goals. We often neglect our thoughts about ourselves and keep thinking about people constantly . We may fear something to say or to keep our point of view. But thinking that one day it will change and you will be happy . No, it’s just in movies, here you have to get up and do it for yourself. Now or never, do or die this mindset will always keep you motivated.

If you will think that i will postpone and do it one day . The goal only stays with you as a dream and not reality. The moment you feel or an idea strikes just go and do it. Don’t fear the results. Just get started , on day one you will feel bit tensed and demotivated but once you get started and do your work , you have to be consistent in the process. Because day one is better than one day. We all know a stitch in time saves nine. So , what you can do now don’t wait for some other day. Believe in yourself and force yourself to get started to take small steps to achieve your goal, happiness, peace , aim. All the best.

Thank you🌷 for reading. Much love❤ and healings 💫to you.

Investing in yourself 💰

Hey,visitors hope you all are doing great. A lots of people think that it is expensive to invest in yourself .Even it may be a little but it will make your progress and by learning something new or investing in yourself will bring lots of returns later on. Let’s move to the ways about investing in yourself.

1. Read for growth: I know most of the people don’t like to read or might find boring. But reading is such a great habit and can give you way lots of ideas ,which can make you money in future. Read what you like until you love what you read. Don’t just wander and turn the pages. Understand and gain skills for your growth. So, it is inexpensive to spend your money on book for your growth.

2. Socializing: This is a bit difficult for introverts but yes, the more people you talk the more knowledge you gain. Everyone has something that we can learn about. The stronger your network the more better. Find people and make friends who are better than you. If you stay with people of your iq or lower than yours. You won’t grow more. Once you can get comfortable with different people and understand that. You perception will be way more different. Even if you have a smaller circle of friends keep quality people. As we all need friends in life for many reasons.

3. Travel far : This once is more exciting and breathtaking. The more you visit new countries, places the more you will understand the way of living. Take flight of 10 hours and there is way different people and their way of living. Understand their culture and learn from it. Expanding your knowledge and every place teaches us something we never knew about.

4. Learn new skills : Taking a course and learning new skill is important in today’s competitive world. Once you invest money in course to learn new things you will always benefit from it. As knowledge never gets wasted. You can find anything you want to learn on internet and learn a new skill too. That’s the advantage of internet.

5. Teach something: Once you acquire knowledge you should teach it to other people. As your knowledge will expand when you teach others. It will become your wisdom. You will remember it for lifetime once you understand a skill and teach others.

6. Having a second source of income: This once is life saving . Find a second source of income . How much money you earn when you don’t go for job? I have read rich dad ,poor dad and other books which gives you lots of financial knowledge. Go, on and read something life changing. Maybe some book may give you million dollar ideas. We never know.

7. Be creative: Exercise your creative button it will help your brain to grow more . Trying something new and being creative is what sells your idea. How are you different from others and what can you do differently from others. Don’t stuck go wander creatively.

8. Being presentable: No matter how much we say that everyone should accept us as we are. But if we prefer comfortable sneakers, zippers and loose tshirts and go out to a party or office . It is not presentable at all. You have to make your first impression good on others and obviously who doesn’t like to feel good and look good. Even you won’t approach a person who likes to roam around shabbily and is lazy about cleanliness and is not presentable. Don’t overdo just be neat and clean .

9. Learning a new language: Learning a new language is demand of the market. If you have knowledge about different languages and you can speak them . It will make you feel better and the natives happier. It will expand your memory.

10. Saying no to others and yes to yourself : You don’t have to say yes to everyone and everything just to be in good books of others. Set boundaries for others so they can respect you enough and while you say no to others you are saying yes to yourself.

Thank you❤ for reading . Much love 🌸and healings 💫to you.

Stop thinking about what others will think about you.

Hello, visitors hope you all are doing great. And yes , half of the population is still thinking about people and what they will think. First of all don’t give that much importance to ppl and their thinking. If you will think what they will think than what will they think. A human mind goes through thousands of thoughts every single day. Do you think people will keep thinking about you 24×7. Not at all, we tend to think whole day about the people we care about and are important. But again thinking what they will think is such a waste of time. Will they like it, will they make fun of me, will they love me and much more questions like this.

The influencers on Instagram doesn’t post about their failures and no one does. You may think they are perfect and start comparison and think what people will think if i did this. Do something that they will not think of you but remember you. And following the trend you will be as them only. But just by being you, it will make a huge difference. Because there is no one like you. You should think about yourself and do what is right for you. Don’t waste your time what they might be thinking.

Everyone in life faces awkward situations , and while we don’t know what to do, we just keep thinking and thinking about it. What they might be thinking of me, how mess i am. But in reality people forget and we stay in regret and guilt. We fear facing the people again. Our self value gets diminished in our eyes. It is just a accident, and everyone goes through it.

Do things for yourself, if you like go for it, of you keep thinking about others you will live a life they want and not you. And they might say you are different and whatever you should keep doing things you love and that’s how you will stand out. People will remember you. The time you waste on people and thinking about them isn’t worthy at all. So , use that time wisely for your progress. Just live the life you want. Stop giving a damn about others. Not everyone will like you and not everyone matters.

Thank ❤you for reading . Much love💛 and healings 💫to you.

Bad times may be bitter, but it will give you life’s best lessons.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. We all are facing tough times in our lives. Level of toughness is different for everyone. Some may find it difficult some may not. Even though they all are different, bad times are bad times. The feeling is all and the same, the pain has no level. Whatever the reason it may be the pain is one and the same level of hurt feeling. Going through bad times is way much challenging as the only option we see is giving up and not accepting the reality as we don’t want to.

Bad times teaches us the best lessons of life. Which can be read in books but understood only by experiencing itself. You lose lot of people in your bad times journey. As their masks fall off and they just leave. Our expectations and idea of that person is ought to be wrong. It’s like falling out of paradise. But, what it gives us to learn to live alone without depending on anyone. Thinking that it was better they left us in our bad times . Because that only made us stronger and more powerful. The person who can live alone and doesn’t keep expectations is the most dangerous thing as they don’t need anyone for their needs.

Bad times teaches us not only how to become strong and emotionally strong but also teaches us to appreciate good times. A person won’t value love if he was never heartbroken. You only understand the value of success when you have failed many times. That’s the good side of bad times. Time teaches us everything, good times and bad times both. Learning from it is consistent . The bad times phase is unpredictable and confusing. It will try to make you weak. But it is up to you, to focus on the bad times and keep complaining or to find the solutions to your problems.

Thank you❤ for reading. Much love🌸 and healings 💫to you.

Wherever life plants you💚, bloom🍀 with grace

Hey,visitors hope you all are doing great. We often get stuck in the bad situations . We lose our hopes and keep blaming on the luck or god or many other external factors. Yes,we can’t decide where we are placed in ,what situations we will face in. This is unknown to us. But what’s in our hand to bloom with grace wherever our life plants us. We have seen that even in the concrete roads the plant finds it’s way and bloom. That’s the beauty of nature. We don’t always need someone to keep motivating us or inspiring us. Just take a look around in nature and you would connect and learn from it .

We have to face bad situations ,bad people in life. Hurt ,hatred , rejections and everything else. Instead of blaming others and luck learn to face it. People may try to drag you down, will create lots of obstacles will try to mislead you. But you should never get away from your goals and lose your focus. You should develop a never give up attitude. Whatever life throws you in find a way to bloom out with grace. They can take resources away from you to reach your goal but not your confidence and will to win. Even if you need to try again from start if your goal is clear and you are willing to achieve it. No force can stop you to achieve it. Don’t cry that you don’t have resources to do that . So you aren’t doing it. Don’t keep giving excuses. When you want to achieve a thing. You will attract and find a way to it. There is always a door open. Just you have to keep faith in yourself and bloom with grace wherever life plants you.

The situation you are in won’t stay forever, so find a way out of it and face it. If you don’t get out of it, it will continue in future. It’s up to you what you do. As someone said born in a poor family is not my fault but dying poor is my fault.

Thank you for reading ❤ Much love and healings to you 💫.

Interactive session💬

Hey,visitors i hope you all are doing great and are healthy. I was thinking of a interactive session post for so long . I would like to know you all and about your dreams or something you want to share but don’t have anyone to. The rules are basic. Comment on this post , with your life lessons or questions or anything you want to share. You can also share your problems. We will try to find a new perspective and solution for it.

When you all share your problems and dreams it may resonate with someone and they might feel the same as you. You won’t feel alone. You can also write down what are you grateful for. What you want to try to change in yourself this year. I will be happy if you all do so. Interaction and communication with each other is very important. You can’t do anything without communicating and creating bonds. We crave for a listener and i like to be one for you.

So , what you waiting for just drop it in comments of this post. Wherever you are from who you are no concerns. Lets do this. I am waiting…for you all.😍

Putting others down just to make yourself feel better is pathetic 🤷‍♀️

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. Today’s topic is a bitter truth that we all deny to accept. As we constantly want to run away from reality and insecurities. We tend to pull others down just to make our ego feel better. If we fail , we blame others or give excuses. We always say how bad they are , or paint them up with our bad opinions. We try to drag them down ,so people will feel we are good. Nah, this isn’t even worthy. Trying to blow someone’s elses candles won’t light up yours. Instead of gossiping or saying bad about them . Accept your flaws so no one can use it against you. Don’t compare or focus on others , don’t drag them down or fall to their level if they do such pulling down things. Focus on only and only yourself. Don’t satisfy your ego with fake illusions. Accept the reality that you might have done mistakes, maybe you were lacking somewhere. I am not saying always take a step back and forgive people or be a sweet candy talker when you don’t feel such way about them.

Just distance yourself with them . If someone is dragging them down better tell them focus on yourself instead , do what will make you a better person. Don’t try to bring obstacles in others life. Some people do such things and have a mindset that if i fail , the other person whom we compete should also fail. If you are losing you intentionally bring up hurdles and make them lose. These things are very pathetic, doesn’t suits you. You may say that person doesn’t deserved ,they are these and that how they aren’t worthy blah blah, it will only make you feel better infront of others but when you will be alone you will know that you didn’t gave your best while doing a stuff , they did better than you. So, stop doing and comparing sun and moon. I.E you and them . Everyone will shine when their time will come. There is no comparison, no one is perfect. Don’t set parameters for comparison.

At the end you will feel anxious, dejected and sad. You are your only competition. Rather than pulling others down try to make your level up. Don’t give justification about a person’s behavior. Even if someone is pretending and acting fake to get people’s attention ,which you know they are fake. Don’t tell about it to others they may not believe you. Let them do what they want . You focus on yourself. Truth never hides for a long time. Have faith in you.

Thank you for reading💙. Much love❤ and healings 💫to you.

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