Judging others and yourself🗣

Those who judge will never understand and those who understand will never judge


Never judge a book by its cover.


Hey , visitor hope you are having an excellent day. Judging nowadays is too much common. People judge you as they know you from decades. Some judge you on the basis of color, caste,religion, dressing sense , work ,behaviour and the list goes on. Have you ever wondered what makes you judge others ,it’s your insecurity and even theirs when they judge you. They while making comments on yourself they try to hide their insecurity and jealousy and speak bad about you. All the glitters are not gold.

The first impression is last impression. It is not true nowadays. We cannot tell about someone how are they in reality based on first impression. So , we can’t judge them . They might be sweet while you meet first time and you might later know their true colors. Some might seem rude at first but they maybe such a sweetheart you never imagined. Don’t judge a book by its cover and the chapter you entered.

If you don’t know them personally ,please don’t judge them harshly. People don’t take effort to dig in their past to know the person better. Some people may behave the way they do due to some of the past experiences. Never judge anyone on the basis of other people’s opinions. You never know the person you are teasing or making bad comments may have a hard life and lot of problems. But just because they don’t say it doesn’t mean they are not there.

No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes even we too. But we can’t judge a person based on a single mistake ,people do change according situations. So ,don’t be quick to judge. Never discriminate anyone on the basis of their color,looks and everything else.

Even don’t judge yourself on the opinions of others for you. They don’t know you personally , so don’t take opinions from people who aren’t personal to you. They don’t know your whole story so don’t feel bad. Never judge yourself on the basis of past. Its gone. Life goes on. Change do happen.

Take time to know yourself and others. Love yourself so much that you don’t have time for judging others but helping them .

Thank you🌸 for reading. Much love ❤ and blessings 🌟 to you.

Patience 🌹

Be patient sometimes you have to go through the worst to get the best


Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.

David G Allen

Hey, visitor hope you are having an excellent feel. In this constant running world …..we have forgot the importance of patience. We want everything instant . I agree , everything is advanced and you can get anything easily in seconds. But that’s not how life works. We need to practice calmness. If we get hyper active we will lose ourselves.

We can’t except 100% results if our input is only 50 %. We need to be patient to achieve any goal and being constant is the key. For eg. You want to lose weight , you asked for a plan and you followed for 15 days and you see yourself in mirror and wonder ugh! there is no change , it’s just waste of time and you give up. That is where you lack patience. You have to wait for 30 days it will gradually happen . If you want the desired results you have to be strictly following those diet. You have to do some exercise, you can’t just do a bit exercise and eat a lots of junk food and expect to get slim. There is no magical wand that will help you get the results instant.

Sometimes we are in so much hurry that we accept less than what we deserve. For example , you might think that being single is very painful and you will end up alone. So, you say yes to the person who is not deserving and end up in wrong relationship. If you had waited the things must have been different. Some days are such painful that we get so defeated and clueless we end up having so many suicidal thoughts. Problems have came from all the four sides. People leave,grades get lower,falling sick, heartbreak ,losing something. These things are quite a painful ,when the world is falling apart. But nature has it own course. There is always sunrise after dawn. We don’t have any other option rather than just being patient and accepting reality and trying to be stronger.

I have been through a lot of problems at once during my board exams,i was sick all the year, i wasn’t able to study properly my grades lowered i had a heartbreak ,friends became strangers. I was just quiet at that time and patient with the process ,i am a fighter, those situations were temporary i knew ..so i had patience and calmness. Because nothing was going as i wanted and yes , everything can’t happen in our favour always. And after that nightmare i had a very joyful life,i accepted reality and faced it while being patient for my results and just giving my 100% .

Anything you do requires patience, it may be cooking, achieving goals, love, healing. As you know patience is to calmly accept the fact that not everything thing will happen in our order. We have to be ready to fight situations and be patient. Everyone’s times comes to act . Destiny always works in our favour if we are strong and patient enough to achieve it. No skills are learned in a day. It requires failure and practice to get desired results. So ,be patient and don’t let others provoke you for getting negative . When time is not right everyone will make fun of us. We just need to be patient and wait for our time. You know action speaks louder than words. Trust the process and be patient .

Thank you🌸for reading. Much love❤ and healings🌟 to you.

Editing life🌸

The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.”

Joshua Becker

Some things cost way more when we keep them.

Neeraj Agnihotri

Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.

Nathan W Morris

Piling up things which we don’t need anymore is most common. Clutter is not only the physical stuff but also thoughts, bad habits and toxic relationships. We need to get rid of old things and thoughts to make space for new. If we keep storing old stuff , we would be miserable. Everything needs to changed. Our habits, thoughts , people, things….to bring happiness and positivity in our life.

We should declutter the toxic thoughts which don’t serve you for your good. Replace them with positive ones. Just get rid of old thoughts, past memories which will give you more pain everytime you remember. Something’s cost us way more if we keep them. Such as being in a toxic relationship, having a toxic conversation, surrounded by negativity, bad habits such as drinking, smoking and etc which does more harm than good.

Our beliefs about ourselves. … you should feed your brain with all the positive affirmation . You should repeat the sentence about what you want in life…it maybe a job,money, thing ,love..repeat about it every day and believe that you can achieve it . Until and unless you don’t believe in your dreams and yourself that you are worthy and capable of it ,you can’t achieve that. Visualization is the key backed up with belief and efforts.

When you get rid of bad and old habits , you will find a whole new life. When you act in a positive way ..you tend to make others happy and great. And if you act in negative way..you will make others react in negativity and make them sad. Self talk is essential that too positive self talk. You have to accept the reality as it is. Stand strong and find the best solution to solve the problems. No problem is bigger than you. Declutter the negativity and also the negative people who doesn’t help you grow and brag you down .

It’s never too late to start a new change in life. Its never too late to love, care, do things you always wanted,getting educated. Edit your life frequently , whenever you find something needs to be changed or thrown just do it. It may be things or memories even your behavior. Keep your mind and heart open for it will allow all the new experience, new things, new people, new opportunities ,new change.

I am sure you won’t keep thrash in your Dustbin more than a day as it stinks,brings illness. So, why would you keep thoughts and pain that is making your growth stunt, your life miserable. According ,to a research.. if you won’t use a thing more than two or three times you won’t use it in a lifetime. Your home is not a storage to pile up unnecessary things. Get rid of it.

Your home spaces do affect your mood. If you will have more things you will waste more time in organizing it. You have to get rid of old things to make space for new. You can’t be in a toxic relationship just because you spend more than 3 years in that. Keep your surrounding clean as it will attract positive energy and it will keep you concentrated. Make a list of things you don’t use if clothes give it to needy. And many more such things in house which are broken ,too old or which brings negative vibes . Declutter and be happy…😊

Thank you🌸 for reading. Much love ❤ and healings 🌟 to you.


A lot of problems in the world would disappear ,if we talk to each other instead of about each other.


The human mind is very powerful, It can create and inspire or it can discourage and destroy its up to you.

Brad Tumbull

Relationships plays very important role in our life. Humans are social creatures and need to be surrounded by people all the time. Relationship with parents, public,friends, spouse,children ..has much impact on us . It takes hell lot of time to make relationship work ,it may take years to trust…but a single second , misunderstanding, hatred can break it and turn us into strangers. Let’s talk about family relations first. As we are involved with them from birth.

Family relations plays very crucial and delicate role in our life. We learn from them and what we see about their behavior we tend to enact the same. The way our parents behave with our mom/dad how they treat us shapes us into a good person/bad person. There is no family who doesn’t have problems , or is happy all the time. Our parents behavior do affect us. We may think they don’t understand us, we will blame them for their backwardness and all. But no one is perfect they do best for us always. They may remove frustration on us, but they won’t stop loving us. They may have many stereotypes ,some may be strict ,friendly, hyper, negative,positive, understanding. But we can’t blame them they got those stereotypes from their parents, they didn’t had such freedom. So they behave in such ways. We have to understand them and we should try to make them understand the harmful effects of stereotypes but don’t try to change them. You know you have to break those for yourself. You can’t inherit them ,you can change yourself. You have to support them and love them . Don’t try to argue with them but understand them because there may be so many painful days and heartbreaks which led them to behave in such a way. Think of how would you like your childrens to behave with you and do so to them.

Relationship with friends, spouse, lovers is getting much complicated nowadays because people just want to speak and not to hear. People want others to understand their needs magically without speaking a word. People are making decisions on the basis of attraction, popularity..not on the feeling of love . We need to understand communication is the key in any relationship. If you won’t communicate the gap between you both will grow bigger day by day.

Everyone is different and not everyone will behave the way we want. We have to accept and know about them as they are and think about will they help you grow or are they genuine about love? You need to communicate frankly about everything. Be honest ,About what you feel, what you want, what you need. If you want to live together you need to understand their love language and love them from their love language. Some people find love in receiving and giving gifts, some through physical touch, some through quality time , some through helping activity. Treat them accordingly as per their love language. You can’t speak butterfly language to caterpillar people. There is no such thing like spark is over and all.

Loving is easier to do but hard to keep. You have to put efforts and respect each others feelings . Try to handle fights in a positive manner. Don’t argue have debate or conversation. If the person wants to leave let them go. Don’t force anything. Learn the lesson and move on.

Don’t let toxic people affect you. Don’t lose your fire while trying to keep others warm . You have to love yourself and others daily. Not just saying i love you but meaning it. Don’t lie, make mistakes ,forgive , do something that makes your loved ones feel special daily. Understand them, be a listener ,support them don’t just blame and give advice for their problems. Be empathetic. Ask them to do what they feel . Listen to them with your undivided attention. Do activities which you both like. Involve in their love language and your’s too. Talk about what you feel and if they care they will change the behavior which hurted you ..if they repeat the mistakes again and again let them go. Love yourself…. be kind, respect everyones feeling. Try to know others as they are . Conversation is the key.

Thank you 🌸 for reading. Much love ❤

Self 🤗 care.

Taking care of myself doesn’t mean “me first” it means ” me too”

L.R. Knosts

Rest and self care are so important . When you take time to replenish your spirit it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from empty vessel.


You cannot love someone if you don’t love yourself enough. You can’t respect someone when you don’t respect yourself enough . You can’t allow hatred if you don’t hate yourself. If you are empty from inside how can you love others with all the spirit? Self care is not selfishness. You have to treat yourself Better always. If you expect others to love and care for you, you will always get hurted. We can’t depend on people to treat us better always. You should be your own friend. Sometimes it is not anyone else who can understand you but only yourself. You know what is better for you. Treat yourself as you want others to treat you.

Self care is essential in today’s life. The meaning of self care is different for all ..some find shopping as self care, some find fitness as self care and many more but the purpose is same to love yourself. Your body needs time to replenish, your heart needs time to throw away hatred and pain. But with patience and self care it is possible. Talk your self care language everyday… and you will be the most Happiest person ever. Make yourself feel loved do things that make you feel happy.

You can’t expect someone to treat you better if you don’t treat yourself better. If you want to give happiness you have to be happy first, if you want to give love you have to love yourself first. You allow what behavior is acceptable from others in your life. You set your standards. When you take care of yourself enough ,you become more confident and attractive. Who won’t like a person full of love, care,positivity,happiness . It starts with you. Do a activity each day which makes you feel love yourself more. Make yourself happy first. You matters. You are designed to be loved and care. When your love tank is full ,the people around you will be always happier.

Make your special days more special by gifting yourself, dating yourself, caring yourself, going on vacation with yourself. Saying no to others and yes to yourself. Always!!! I believe loving yourself is the most important part of life. You can’t be depended on people always. You can do it yourself. When you start to self care…your face will glow,you will look happier, your body will be well, you will be more confident about yourself and nothing can feel you inferior . You have seen actress looks beautiful… you know their secret they do lot of self care.

Its not always about buying expensive things or applying more products. Its about finding your passion, happiness in yourself. You have to love yourself by making yourself feel good . You know what you like the most..where is your happiness. So , just go and self love and care about yourself… what are you waiting for.

Thank you🌸for reading. Much love❤ and healings 🌟 to you.


Do not get upset with people or situations ,both are powerless without your reaction.


How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged


Yes , every situation is powerless without your reaction. You can’t control people or situations but you can surely control the way you react to it. Some people are short tempered they are impulsive… they react too fast without thinking about the consequences and later on regret to it. There are so many toxic people who try to brag you down or enrage you but if you don’t react to their criticism or don’t get hurted they feel more angered as they expected us to react in a negative way. But when you choose to be calm you win.

Not every situation needs your reaction. If you reacted to each and every person or situation in an negative way you won’t live in peace. People don’t hurt you because you are wrong they hurt you because they are not healed and still bleeding inside. Because sane people don’t keep on hurting.

Think before you react analyze the situation ask yourself is it worthy to spend my energy on this person by reacting to him when he isn’t ready to understand what i am going to say. What if i reacted the other way will it change the outcome? If someone is getting angry on you and when you too get angry on them there is not outcome rather than hurting and getting hurted. You choose the outcome of any situation , people and situations are powerless without your reaction.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where people are irritating you, insulting you, teasing you …their main motive is you should react but what if you don’t give their words the power to harm you. Just say i know what i am and i don’t need to prove it to anyone. Even dogs bark for attention , i don’t have energy to waste on such idiotic situation. Their opinions doesn’t pay your bills right? So, why to allow them in your life to hurt you.

They will speak what they think of you , or out of jealousy they will try to brag you down. You have to think of both the reactions and their outcomes ..what the negative reaction will bring is hurt, hatred, regret and what the positive reaction will bring .. good outcome, patience, growth and maturity. I know our reactions are quick when someone tries to enrage us…but do their sayings will change the reality of you..? They know the chapter they entered not the whole story.

Imagine if you will keep reacting to toxic people you will also become one of them . So , don’t let their actions affect you. Change your perspective. Every situation has good side and bad side in it. If you fail one time,second time people will start to taunt you,make fun of you…and you will think that you are incapable and loser and you won’t try ever again. This is negative side but on the contrary if you kept your ears closed for their words like ignoring them or taking their criticism as a challenge and trying much harder to get what you want because you know you are much capable then their low thinking.

You have to react both ways depending on situations… if someone is really trying to say many bad things to you or spreading lies you have to react to them in thoughtful manner . Not by getting angry. Ask them to stop what they are doing or saying. Tell them what they are doing is absolutely not acceptable …don’t harm them let the karma teach them a lesson . Just say their is always an equal and opposite reaction of what you do. What comes around goes around. Don’t fall at their low level of understanding…if you behaved the same their won’t be any difference between you and them . If You choose to react positively by avoiding and ignoring and using healing words. Just tell them i know you are hurt and ask them would it make them great if they keep insulting and spreading negativity around ? Say them may god heal you and move on. Don’t waste your energy on unnecessary situation or people. Try to practice calmness . It won’t be easy but it is not that difficult.

Thank you 🌸for reading. Much love ❤ and healings 🌟 to you.


A compliment is a verbal sunshine🌞

Robert Orben

Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless🌊

Mother Teresa

“You look happier” is one of the best compliments you can receive in life.


Hey 🌟visitor! Hope you are having an excellent day. Compliments have an huge impact on our well being . Who doesn’t like to receive compliments ? Right! But most people think compliments are to be given on physical appearance only. That is totally wrong . Remember, when was the last time someone told you that you look happier ? Complementing on someone’s physical appearance is ok. But you should also compliment others on the basis of their soul,kindness, behavior, smile, the way they care , love ,intelligence ….and many more.

Your single compliment can make someone’s bad mood to great mood. It can make their day. Why shouldn’t we appreciate others and compliment them if we find something beautiful about them not just physically but internally. Spread compliments like confetti..💞 because compliments are absolutely free, it gives positive vibes , it makes others and us feel great about oneself. Everyone is unique and we should admire ours and theirs uniqueness. It won’t make you feel inferior if you don’t have those attributes ,it won’t make you ugly if you compliment their uniqueness. It will just make you kinder, wiser and most loving person.

In this world of constant competition , and selfishness . People are so blinded by competition and getting better than others they are losing their own self and getting jealous about others and feeling inferior. Always remember you are only your own competition and no one else. You have to be better than yourself. If you find something beautiful in someone say it , even if it’s stranger. Empower others. Don’t try to pull others down , hating others won’t make you prettier. You know the thought what you sow shall you reap. If you want love sow love in others. It is not always about receiving but also about giving. Tell others if they are happier, tell them you are proud of them ,tell that they got the unique feature, tell them they are lovable, compliment them when they care for you. Not just on special occasion like birthday, Valentine’s, mother’s day, father’s day,children’s day. But everyday…. and look how much they will feel happy and will make you even happier. When you compliment your spouse /mother for their help ,how great they look,how kind they are ,how much they matters. They will cook something special to you or do what you like. So why wait for special occasions , compliment everyday for their support and love.

It is not just about complimenting others but complimenting yourself on a daily basis. As how far you came, how you are trying to get better, how you achieved something with hard work, how proud are you about yourself and many more things. Even if no one compliments you,you can do it yourself and then you won’t need to be emotionally dependent on someone for complimenting you and making you feel special. You are full of self love and you can spread your kindness and love without feeling inferior. Everyone is unique so there is no competition. We should help and stand together not divided. I don’t know you but i would like to compliment you ….you are lovable,you are stronger, you are capable ,you are beautiful, you have a beautiful soul, you are kind, you are deserving and i am proud of you.❤

Thank you🌸 for reading. Much love ❤ and healings 🌟 to you.


A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles🌠


Be grateful for what you have already while you pursue your goals. If you aren’t grateful for what you already have . What makes you think you would be happy with more.


Hey guys, here’s wishing you an happy international friendship day. Hope you find the most realest and reliable friend in yourself.

Being grateful for the things we already have is much more important. As many people are deprived of things ,love , care you get, each moment, life ,food, shelter ,education, money and everything. Finding happiness in the small things and being grateful for each and every moment attracts miracles to life. When you are happy and grateful for what you have , you will surely get what you want.

Complaining about the things you don’t have will make your life hopeless and miserable. It won’t make anything better but will lead you to dissatisfaction. Wanting more of something is fine but you have to cherish and be grateful for things you already have. Don’t waste a single moment in complaining ! what happened if the things you want is not available to you now. And someone has it easily, don’t compare your life with others . Everyone gets those things they want and deserve at the right time. Your life may had been miserable more than your current life…always think of people ,while you complain about the things you want but don’t have, to the people who don’t even have a home ,food to eat ,clothes and all that you have. These people also pray for life you are currently enjoying.

Try to find happiness in each and every day. Make a list of gratitude and repeat it daily . Pray for things you want and acquire patience to get it. If you don’t get those things from childhood which some people have . Don’t complain,think of the idea that maybe you don’t have those things because god wanted you to earn it, as you will make effort and be grateful for it. Someone is struggling for the life you have , so always be grateful for the things you have, the people you have , family, friends who love you and support you.

God doesn’t give everything to everyone. Some may have tons of money but not good health to enjoy it. Some may have a big house ,money but not a person who will love them or care for them. Some people have both the parents others have one or none. Think of them how they are surviving, before you complain to your parents. Everyone is lacking something in life. In the race of wanting more and more we are forgetting to live a quality life in terms of love ,mental peace, health. Being successful is great but you should also value and be grateful for the people and things you have now.

Humans wants are unlimited and when we think if we had more of a thing we would be happy. Just think if you can’t be happy when you have little how would you have being happy ,if you haved more? If your happiness depends on material things you won’t be happy at all. Happiness is internal feeling . Being grateful for what you have in life . Happiness is in caring and sharing and loving yourself and others.

Before going to sleep think of atleast 3 things you are grateful for and do repeat it in morning when you wake up . Practice this daily and you will attract miracles . You will feel much more positive and happy. But you need to be consistent in order to get the results. Start Being grateful for every moment and thing and people in life. Life is a gift cherish it now.

Thank you 🌸 for reading. Much love ❤ and healings 🌟 to you.

Being Flawsome😍

Once you have accepted your flaws no one can use them against you.

George. R.Martin

Embrace being perfectly imperfect ,Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself ,you will be happier.

Roy Bennett

Hey, visitor🌟 hope you are having an excellent day. Being awesome is good. But being Flawsome is much better. Flawsome is nothing else but an individual who has accepted his flaws and embrace it.

In this pretty glamorous world ,where people tend to hide their flaws and use many things to make it look perfect. In this world where people are constantly trying to being perfect and doing everything according to the standards set by the societies and falling for their criticism about flaws….many people have lost there own self in order to being that mr perfect or miss perfect in everything.

Hey, sweetie ! There is no one in this world who is perfect. Everyone has flaws. People tend to hide it under insecurities and pretend someone they are not to be. Stop doing that. You are imperfectly perfect. You have to accept your flaws and make them your friends as you accept them no one can use them against you. Embrace your body,look , scars, wounds ,size everything you have. These are your gift..the way you look doesn’t matter much , the way you accept and see yourself ,love yourself and others ,your kindness, is all that matters. When you accept your flaws it may be, the way you look, the color ,the scars , the hurt you endured , the mistakes you done and learned from it…. no one can use it against you .. their criticism wont affect you ,their teasing won’t affect you. When you accept yourself wholly and soulfully nothing will matter, nothing will affect you. As you won’t give anyone the power to judge and disrespect you.

No one is perfect everyone has flaws , but if you hide it or try to perfect it , it will harm you in long term. Be real, show the world the real you. Dress as you like , look as you want, carry your flaws confidently , show your real self to others, the behavior ,how you feel , what are your strengths , what you don’t know, the mistakes you made ,the hurt you have. Everything show them you real self.

The ones who are really in love with you and who cares for you will accept you as you are and will support and love you unconditionally. Don’t try to change yourself into someone you are not comfortable in or you just do to pretend for others. When you tend to pretend for a temporary period to impress others… you will feel good but once the other person knows your flaws and you were lying to them they will surely leave you . And you would do the same if someone lies to you. Try to accept yourself and others as they are with their flaws. Embrace it. The real ones will stay in your life and the fake ones will leave.

Impress yourself daily by being and showing the real you. The flaws you have , carry it with confidence so no one can use it against you. Accept your mistakes, forgive yourself , love yourself just the way you are. Never judge a book by its cover. Never judge someone by their looks. Look for their flaws and ask them to accept them and make them feel loved with all their flaws. You can change your behavior if that is your flaw. But be real you don’t try to be perfect as there is nothing like perfection. Be proud to be imperfectly perfect and you are Flawsome that way .

Thank you🌸 for reading. Much love ❤ and healings 🌟 to you.

In- dependent🌟

People aren’t always going to be there for you, that’s why you need to learn to handle things on your own.


If you live by their compliments then you will die from their criticism.


In order to realize our true self we must be willing to live without being dependent on the opinion of others.

Bruce Lee

You know what freedom feels like… when we don’t depend on anyone anymore only on ourselves. Being dependent when we were kids was a process , in order to grow we have to own up for things and try things without depending on others.

Dependency is okay .. we can’t be an emotionless person. But being over dependent is toxic for ourselves and even others. We won’t ever grow if we keep depending on others to do our things. We won’t ever learn to do things. When we depend on someone , it becomes our habit and it is difficult to break that. When the person isn’t available we become panicked and helpless and harm ourselves. Asking for help to others for guiding us or doing the thing we don’t know for the first time is okay. They will help us ,but if we repeat to ask for help they will get irritated and leave us . There is a limit for helping others and asking for. If we are over dependent on them , they will know it and use us for their evil needs or taunt us always and insult us and our self esteem.

By asking for help again and again for the things which we can do on our own ,stops our growth . We will make mistakes no one is perfect or learned from the womb. But as we will make mistakes we will learn to do ,and with practice we will become perfect in doing those things . Never help others and make them dependent on yourself. Once you will feel happy for knowing they need you ,but it will stop their growth too and one day when you won’t be available to help they will blame you and eventually leave you. Saying no and putting yourself first is absolutely ok. If you don’t have time for their things which they can do on their own ,but are lazy to do you should say no. Let them get hurted and think whatever they want.

No pain no gain. We can’t be lucky always. We have seen some people during examinations depends on their friends and don’t do study . They force others to show and help them for answer. . As they are taunting ,other people help them ,they get marks and passed. But they have no real knowledge of the subject . They can’t use the knowledge in practical as they don’t know it. So, don’t spoil their habits by helping them, and not yours by asking them. They will hate you but once they do study on their own ,they will be proud that they passed on their own effort and that is the real achievement.

Start to depend on yourself and it will be the greatest achievement you will ever get. Don’t depend others for complimenting you ,loving you, helping you, caring for you…when you can do it yourself. People will come and go but in the end you are the only person you are with . So keep bettering yourself even if you fail , try and you will succeed. Never show your weaknesses to someone as you never know when their intentions will change and back stab us .

Love yourself, don’t depend on others to motivate you ,pat you , do it yourself. Be proud for yourself, celebrate yourself, care for yourself, ask others to be with you to support but do the things on your own. Stand by yourself , do things by yourself. Let others think you are selfish when you know it is selflove. By not helping them again and again and asking for help .you are growing and learning to do things on your own. By being in -dependent and independent

Thank you🌸for reading. Much love ❤ and healings 🌟 to you.