Better a cruel Truth than a comfortable delusion.

Hey,visitors hope you all are doing great. Let’s take a deep breathe and dive right into the harsh reality of life. Truth is bitter but it’s good for your life. Being in reality is much better than being in the delusion of something we desire. We keep expecting from oneself and the loved ones. But when you see the reality either you like it or you don’t want to accept it because it’s comfortable to stay in delusion then accept the reality and let your heart break.

We know what is the truth but we choose not to accept it but one day will come and you have to accept it if you want or don’t. Being in the delusion might be temporary solution but it won’t last for long and bring permanent pain. It’s better to get hurt with the truth than comfort with the lie. Firstly, i would like to talk about the reality of others

We know when someone is genuinely loving us or treating us well. And if someone has cruel intention or their actions don’t match their words i would request you to choose their absence over their disrespect. If they want to change their behavior towards you and make apologie just give a chance ,but it they keep doing the same thing over and over then it’s time to say goodbye . I know that would be difficult but it’s better for your mind ,soul and body. If someone ignores you eveytime or says they don’t love you and you aren’t their priority. So , it’s time to accept their reality , learn the lesson and move on in life. You will have tons of memories with them but you know what their real face is. It’s okay to miss someone and still don’t want them.

Next is acceptance of oneself. Well, no one is perfect and we won’t have all the good habits. We have to accept the truth that we also have imperfections and bad behavior which we should accept and work on to improve it rather than staying in delusion that i am right and everyone is wrong always.

Thank you 💖so much for reading. Much love❤ and healings 💫to you .

Ships are safe in harbor but that’s not for they are made for.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. How does it feel to stay in our own little comfort zone? No worries, No stress, No work just chilling all the day. Taking a day off after doing all the hard work it’s worth it. But if you keep procrastinating all the time and stuck being a couch potato will definitely won’t take you anywhere in life. Your body will ache and mind will rot if you won’t use it. Do you want to be remembered as a lazy person all the life. I guess, no !

Life throws us challenges one by one and we have loads of opportunities to work on . But the one lazy factor won’t let you use your strength up to it’s mark that’s your comfort zone. Well , it’s a harsh reality to accept but we have to take mini steps to overcome our fear and get out of the comfort zone. You have to try various things even if it is out of your comfort zone. Go make that move you always wanted to do. It may be applying for that dream job, pursuing new hobby , learning new skills , trying something different, being experimental. If you keep doing same things again and again you won’t grow and who wants a life to be black and white. So , just live the life to it’s fullest. Don’t let your fear and procrastination let you avoid your progress.

Well , i can share a method which is known as one minute technique which is widely used in japan , which teaches us to do the difficult task or which we find lazy for one minute everyday at the same time. You will be surprised to know that when you start to do it you will actually end up doing that thing more than one minute. If you do it everyday it will become a habit of yours . Telling you to do a task which requires an hour you will find it difficult and feel lazy. But what if you trick yourself and just do it for one minute. It’s not that difficult. Do that mediation for a minute, exercise for a minute or learn a new language for minute. And feel proud for yourself for completing it for a minute it will give you a sense of pride and you will end up doing the whole thing without procrastinating.

Relaxing your body and mind is safe but it is not it’s made for.

Thank you 💖so much for reading. Much love ❤and healings💫 to you.

Life balances🚵 out after pain😕 there is always pleasure.☺

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. Life is all about the balance , as we need two tiers for cycling otherwise it won’t work. We may fall and be upset. But trust me there is always pleasure after pain. Life has its own way of balancing emotions. The good after bad , the laugh after tears, the confidence after fear, the dawn after dark. Everything you go through now is temporary, so learn to be in the moment and make best use of it. Whenever life throws you troubles be brave enough to explore the unknown side of you by facing it and fighting it up. Well , sometimes trouble will win over you but you should be glad you faced and tried it and promise yourself to get back stronger.

If life would be all pleasure and no pain you wouldn’t have cherished the pleasure when you get after pain. Remember everything is temporary, happiness, fame , success too. What we can do is being the best of our version keeping it upgrading and just moving forward. You can’t stay in the past and wonder why don’t your future get any better. There is right time for everything. Enjoy what you have now , if you get everything earlier than you will surely get bored and won’t cherish it later on. If something is taken away from you always remember there is something else better for you out there. I bet you won’t settle for salad over pizza🍕. Even the pizza has to go through rolls, bake and cuts to make it better and perfect. So, it’s no exception for us right?

Treat yourself with any thing maybe it small or huge after the hardwork you did. When you achieve success, Maybe it’s small or big, you deserve a treat. Don’t let your past decide your future. The present moment is temporary and if you feel like giving up just look back in your life and see how far you have came. I bet you won’t give up just few steps before your winning point just because you didn’t found it after walking so many miles. Just keep going, the happiness and sorrow are wheels of life and life would be plain if only one would be there.

Do what you like and go for your dreams . Life rewards them who don’t give up and keep going.

Thank you💖 so much for reading. Much love ❤and healing💫s to you.

Give your stress wings and let it fly away.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. Think about your thoughts as the 🎈balloon. Close your eyes and imagine carrying balloons in your hand and label them with your thoughts, insecurities and as you take a deep breathe leave each of the balloon in the sky which bothers you negatively. Let go of habits that causes you stress. Like aiming for perfection always. No one is perfect and you won’t do anything perfectly. When you are conscious of perfection you end up self doubting and having unrealistic expectations and end up getting upset. Don’t aim for perfection just do your level best and appreciate it.

Don’t overuse your social media as i always say no one posts their failures on it. You might end up having a feeling of unlucky and irritated for your situation . Stop feeling over guilty and regretting the past. It’s done and can’t be redone. Better remember the lesson and forgive yourself and others. Having a good quality of sleep is important. Don’t skip your sleep for binge watching Netflix or anything else. Get right nutrients and hydrate yourself.

Go for a walk in nature and practice meditation. Thoughts are important and we can’t just avoid them . The more we do the more we worry. Take a piece of paper and write down what are the things that are making you stressful. How can you get those things done. De clutter your environment and keep things organized. You will feel more at peace and your mind will work well. You can also make good use of stress as it helps you to analyze various outcomes and you will see it’s after effects and make a great choice. You can also write your worries on a paper then tear it and throw it away. So, let your stress fly away.

Thank you💖 so much for reading . Much love❤ and healings💫 to you .

You can’t pour love if your glass is empty 🥀

Hey ,visitors hope you all are doing great. The title says it all! You have to be full of love,happiness, compassion, self love if you want to radiate to others. If you keep giving all your love and you don’t get back or you keep doubting yourself, it isn’t going to make your heart glass full. When your glass is half and you give it to others by any means of love it makes you empty. There are some people out there who uses you for their own needs and once they have benefited from it and no longer further use you they leave you empty. And blame you for being useless. It’s a unpredictable world. People can make you feel guilty about their own mistakes. Stay away from such people, yes i can understand you can’t make them disappear sometimes they are too close person. But that doesn’t mean that they can keep taking advantage of you. Tell them your boundaries and try to maintain a distance and engaging expectations to them. Behavior cannot be change until they want to change it. Trying to change anyone when they aren’t willing to do so is your waste of time and it’s going to hurt you.

Practice self love and do what makes your soul ,body and mind refreshing and happy. Being kind is generous 😌 but you should first be kind to yourself, you should fill your glass of love ,happiness by yourself. You can do it by pursuing your hobby, treating your self well . Eating meals on time. Getting enough sleep . Spending time with the people who help you grow and make you feel happy. Then only you will be able to spread kindness and happiness to others. Making effort for yourself and treating you well isn’t selfish its self love. First love yourself then love others. Heal yourself from any hurt that has been given to you. Hurt won’t go easily, let it hurt and one day you won’t feel any hurt about that thing. Practice gratitude, mindfulness. Do what makes you happy don’t worry about the world. Once you fill your tank go out and spread the love, happiness and kindness. You will feel a lot more better. You should learn to say no to others if you don’t want to do what they say. Don’t use harsh words. The no can be said in politeness. For example, I AM SORRY , BUT DUE TO MY BUSY SCHEDULE I CAN’T HELP YOU THIS TIME. I hope you will understand my situation and won’t misunderstand.

Thank you so💖 much for reading. Much❤ love and healings💫 to you.

The more concerned we become over the things we can’t control, the less we will do with the things we can control

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great . The things you can’t control are , what other people think of you. What other people do. What happens around you. The outcome of your efforts. The passage of time. The feelings and thoughts that occur to us. Isn’t that we can control , but what can we do is to how we react to it. When a rainy 🌧day occurs we can’t say to the rain oh! Please stop otherwise i won’t go to my job. As we all know rains won’t pay us money to survive and to survive we have to go to job and step outside. What we do is wear raincoat ,use umbrella and go outside. Here what we cannot control was rain and how we reacted to is the main thing.

Don’t keep bragging people to make time for you. They all know whom they want to spend there time with. The busy sayers aren’t always busy as you know. Just let them go, we can’t control what they feel about us what we can do is control our reactions to it. When you observe their behavior and how they treat you . Let go of their expectations and you will feel much more better. You will know this person will come to you only when they got some work to do. And you won’t be surprised when they are invisible all the time and appear when they need something. If someone has jealousy about you, don’t try to make them understand they will take it in wrong way always.

The things we cant control is the past which is already done, the present as we have to face everything that comes to us and future which is unknown to us. We will face many events in life and we have to choose how to react to you. Do the things that are in your control i. e wearing raincoat on rainy day and carrying your work for example. There are two reactions negative and positive it’s you who choose how to react. Given a choice between good and bad it’s you responsible for what you choose and the after circumstances. Where there is a will there is a way..! Look for solutions instead of making problems while thinking what will go wrong.

I know we can’t stay positive whole time but what we can do is when any thoughts occur just simply watch them as a passing cloud no judgment is needed. Practice mindfulness let the mind run their thoughts . You just simply observe them and don’t react to it. It will take a lot of breathe work to get this result. But atleast you all can try. When you invest your energy in thinking and blaming the situations and problems you waste your time and you don’t do whatever is in your control. Because you are fearing the problem . Next choose how you react . Everything is powerless until you react to it.

Thank you❤ for reading. Much love💖 and healings💫 to you.

All that glitter ✨is not gold🌕

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. All the flashy and expensive things we buy just to show off and be in the status race which are not actually worthy or makes you happy. The updates we make on Instagram to get likes and validation isn’t worthy at all. You don’t need anyone’s validation to prove your worth. You should know your worth and not compare with others. Whatever you see on Instagram or any social media platform is not the exact reality of them. No one posts failure and sad pics . The shiny things and expensive things doesn’t prove your worth. You aren’t material thing , you are a soul. The characteristics, behavior, kindness, skills is your true worth.

You don’t have to do it or buy it spending your whole lot of salary just to be in trend. There’s a thing that people mostly buy things to show off and be in the status race. They’ll be like look i buy the latest i phone or h&m brand clothes . People will find it attractive at once and after 2 days they will forget and won’t appreciate. You spend your months salary to buy it and that brand won’t even get the appreciation for whole a week. Why is there a need to do so? People say rich people are more happier and if i would be richer i would be happier. But the fact is that they are not that much happier. The more rich the more the responsibility and the more stress of losing everything at once. Well, no one says how unhappy they are and what they have struggled to reach at a higher level. People will only see your luxury but won’t bother what you sacrifice in order to get that. So , why to bother impressing them ? Do what you like and not to show off to others.

All that the social media is trying to make us see is the influencer wearing all the expensive brands and promoting traveling places etc. But people fail to notice they get paid for it. We get influence and buy it just to show off. Try to live a peaceful and low key life. Not everything you do should be posted on media. Not everyone needs to know what’s going on in our life. The less is more nowadays. Prefer quality of friends not the quantity. All the expensive things are not worthy. Happiness is inner feeling. Your worth is in your personality and talent. People can’t buy Happiness and personality with money. So, never compare and show off sacrificing yourself. Don’t bother their opinions that you behave like old generation , you don’t always need to follow the trend. Be a trend setter.

Thank you❤ so much for reading . Much love💖 and healings 💫to you.

Valuing yourselves 🥀first then others.

Hey,visitors hope you all are doing great. I hope you all are aware about how rare and loveable you are. If you aren’t feeling so , i am sending you all the love ❤ and virtual hugs 🤗 to make you feel better 💙. We often value other’s feelings and do what is best for them and whatever we can do. But sometimes in return we don’t get what we inculcate. Never mind it will be given to us by someone else. But what about our own self? We won’t always get anyone to value us and to see our worth. And instead of making them believe we should know ourselves and value ourselves for whatever we are fighting through the struggles, how we overcome them , the love we give to other’s is the love we deserve.

Whenever you are losing confidence in yourself and feeling like piece of waste, just remember that the deer 🦌 from whom we get musk fragrance is always in the search of fragrance in his whole lifetime he goes and tries to see where it comes from and he eventually dies out of searching without getting the source. But he doesn’t know that the beautiful fragrance is his beauty and his own . He doesn’t know how valuable he his. That’s the point if we search for another person to value us and treat us upto our worth . We will remain searching and eventually give up. But we never know that the one who can understand ourselves better and value ourselves is only we. We can treat ourselves better. Don’t keep expectations from others. Those who cannot value themselves, how will they value us?

Know your worth and never settle for less. Keep spreading kindness but never let anyone use it against you and make you weak. You are valuable, you are loved but you should also know that you are not perfect you will also have flaws and instead of denying it learn to accept and work on it. And make a genuine better change for yourself. Value yourself first love yourself first then others. Because you can’t give out love and value other’s with empty vessel on your side.

People will criticize you but take it positively. Yes, you will get frustrated and angry but instead of wasting your energy in negative things. Use it as a improvement measure and make yourself better. You are worthy, valuable and loved. ❤

Thank you💖 so much for reading. Much love❤ and healings💫 to you.

Living good life🌸

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. The life we live is very stressful and difficult. Even if it is not that much difficult we tend to make it more worse . By always worrying 😟 and doubting ourselves. What it is to live sweet or good life? Let me tell you. You should live your life with sensousness and to the fullest ✨. How can you live to the fullest is enjoying your day to day activities with love, mindfulness and gratitude. Not always we need to have money to enjoy life . It’s in the details of the life. Don’t just sit or work show your face up and look at the view infront of you. Look at the seamless sky 😍 look at the clouds ⛅ making different shapes and enjoy being in the moment. Look at the greenery around you and see how the winds flow and make the leaves 🍃dance and the birds 🐦 sing 🎶.

Slow down a bit enjoy every sip and the bite of the food. Look at it , smell it close your eyes and taste every bit and every flavour of it. I bet you will discover new ingredient every time you take a sip or bite. Don’t just follow the trend and buy clothes . Choose unique and prefer the quality over quantity. Choose the style and fabric which makes you feel like you and it represents your joyful nature and elegance. Start your day with breakfast 😋 to get energy for the entire day. Ditch the canned or fast food and eat fresh food by cooking 🍳it yourself.

Go out and meet your friends and spend your time with those people who fills your life with happiness and love. Value your relationship , dont look at the watch or mobile while hanging around with your loved people. Add beauty to your life , do your favorite hobby and add more beauty to it. Enjoy listening to your favorite song 🎵. smile at stranger and see their pleasantly surprising reaction. Enjoy eating ice cream or watching sunset 🌇 while in park . Ask your dearly people about how was their day. Give random compliments ☺.

Live a simple life. Less is more and simple is rich…❤ choose things and people who adds up happiness and understands you . Who doesn’t drain your energy. Enjoy the beauty of the nature and take a fresh breathe with gratitude and love.

Thank you💖 so much for reading . Much love❤ and healing’s💫 to you.

Do good❤ to others, good will come 💖to you.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great . Whatever you can be choose to be kind. Yes, it’s true what goes around comes around. If you do good to others good will come back to you sooner or later. If you do bad to others it will revert back to you. We should always strive to be a kind and good human in this cruel and selfish world. I always say don’t let anyone use your undue advantage. That’s true , but there is a thin line between self love and being selfish. You should do good to others and help the needy in any way you can. You shouldn’t always help a person who pretend to be in need but isn’t actually . They are being selfish and lazy. Like they can do that work on their own but they will still ask for help just because they are lazy or busy doing time pass . We also help others for self image. You shouldn’t , once you help this pretending type of people they will always ask you or swear you on their friendship so that you will do their work , which they can do it by themselves. These people are selfish and use others to do their own work to save the effort. You shouldn’t let them take advantage of you. That’s self love, while you build walls and don’t let yourself used by pretenders.

There are some people whom we give good advice or we think good of them . We suggest them something but they ignore us and think we are being jealous to them. Don’t think much about these people too. They also know what is right and what is wrong but still if they want to blind themselves and believe in lies. Don’t waste your effort in making them believe your thoughts. The universe knows what your true intentions was and you were thinking better of them. If they misunderstood it’s their outlook.

Now here comes the actual needy people whom we should help by our means. I can understand today the world is very expensive and it is fact that we cannot fulfill our all the needs . What we will help others? But, you know money is not the only help. Even if you have a single penny you can help the needy and set a good example to others to help too. It’s not about the money , it’s about the kind gesture that you thought to help them. When you will have enough money you can help the ngo or needy people. There are different ways to do good to others. Don’t think no one sees your kindness, universe does and it will pay you back surely. You can help the needy by simply giving them food, words of kindness, love and belonging ness . You can help by whatever means you have and it doesn’t mean your help should be huge than it’s valuable. You should make small efforts and change someone’s life.

Everytime you help someone ask them to help the people whenever it is possible. Don’t think bad about anyone who hurted you. You had a great heart so you believed them. Just forgive and forget and think good of everyone. Even think good of yourself. You deserve the kindness too. The universe is watching you and will help you and give back your kindness. So , be kind and be helpful.

Thank you ❤so much for reading. Much love 💖and healings💫 to you.

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