❤️Loving your decisions🥀.

The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.


Hey visitors⭐ hope you are having a great day. Life is made up of Choices and Decisions that you make in life. We always wonder if others like our decisions or not. And if they don’t we doubt ourselves and our decisions. We rely too much for approval . If you don’t love yourself how will others love you. When you start loving yourself you don’t need anyone’s approval or compliment to make you feel better.

Whatever decisions you make, listen to your heart 💕 what it says, even if no one supports you. Your life, your decisions, your mistakes, your lessons none of their’s business. Start to love your decisions you never know maybe something great will occur. You have to stick to your decisions and take effort. Let people oppose you, even if you fail it will be your lessons. You will grow from them. People’s opinions won’t make any better but harm.

Start to believe in yourself, you can do it, take the responsibility of your decisions even if you fail, pass, good happens or bad happens. Think before you take any harsh step . Don’t listen to people and don’t even ask much people. Because no one cares and everyone will give you opinions based on their knowledge and experience. Same coin has different sides. Same things has different opinions. When you ask them you should or shouldn’t, their opinions will confuse you more.

As the quote says, the more you love your decisions the less you need others to love them. Whatever you choosed, it’s yours. If you loved someone and your friends make fun of your choice or they don’t love them . It’s not their job to love it’s yours. They don’t need to love the things you love. Every one is different and has different likings. So, don’t expect people to love them.

Always listen to your heart ❤ it’s on left but it’s always right. Don’t assume anything just be ready for consequences it will be good or bad but you will face it. Because you made the decision. Don’t blame outer factors or others for your choices. It’s always your decision to choose the life you want. Take responsibility for your decisions and love them. Love yourself and listen to your heart because it takes courage. Don’t wait for anyone approval for your life . Don’t let them self doubt you.

Thank you🌹 for reading. Much loved and healings🌟 to you.

You get in life, what you have the courage to ask for🌸

Hey visitors⭐ hope you are having a great day. Never be afraid to ask for what you need and what you deserve. You always treat others the way you want to be treated. But, sometimes you don’t get love ❤ in return of love. Help in return of help. It is not your fault, if you treat them as priority but they treat you as an option.

You all know how it feels like to be treated ill or less than you deserve. Is it okay to stay there where you are not valued? If you are accepting less than you deserve you will lose yourself. People will always expect you to compromise or adjust. Sometimes, it’s okay but not always.

Believe me when you know your self worth , you will never adjust for less. You have to love and believe in yourself. Not always people will be wrong. People can’t never guess how you want to be treated. Because everyone has different choices and likings. Some may like the way you treat others may find it offensive.

In this case you have to ask for what you want and need. You have to speak up for yourself. If you want or need something make a demand. If they understand you they will try to fulfill if not they will treat you as they want. You don’t have to hesitate to stand for yourself. If you don’t have the courage to ask or tell if something is wrong about they way they treat or they say just tell them. As when you will tell them they will accept their mistake and you will know their exact intention.

You want a raise ask for it, if you don’t ask the ans will always be no. Don’t think of what ans they will give. Let them think you don’t make assumptions. You just have to gather courage and confront. Most of the relationship fail because they assume that their partner will know without saying their needs. You only don’t know what you want how will others know without saying.

Silence is the best answer yes but not always. You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. Even if you have the caliber but when someone ask about it and you feel shy to say or have fear. You will lose the chance and at the end you will have regrets. We always miss great opportunity just because we think we are not good enough for it or we don’t have the courage to ask for.

Don’t ever underestimate yourself. You are worth more than your doubts. You are capable and deserving to be treated right, to be loved. So, never settle for less.

Thank you🌸 for reading📖. Much ❤ love and healings ⭐ to you.

Meeting your best version 🌼

Hey, visitors🌸 hope you are doing great. We always want others to behave the best. We all have different idea 💡 for different people in our life. We all set standards for how our spouse should be, our best friend, friends guide etc. We create an image about them and find a person who fulfills the expectations. But most of the time we keep expecting from others to be their best version and help us and treat us great.

Do we set standards for ourselves? Have you ever thought about your highest version and best one of yourself. How will you feel if you met your best version? I am sure you all be happy😊. Take a moment 🍂 breathe 🌬 close your eyes 👀 ane think of 🤔💭 how will be your best version. What characteristics you want to add ➕ in this on going version of yours. What features should be added and minus. What changes you need to do. Thought, how you felt. Exciting and 🙃happy.

We all have flaws and we should accept them and improvise it accordingly. Your past version is getting old and lacking something. You are destiny creator of your own life. If you kept using past version you will lag behind. You can’t use new features unless you delete and improve the old . Make a list what change you want in upgraded version of yourself. What should be left behind. How to accomplish it.

It will take time, effort and struggle. Change doesn’t comes easy. You have to change yourself accordingly to the situation. Don’t follow the trend, you know yourself more than others. Don’t take people’s opinions or copy them. You only know the exact details about the past version. Don’t let others influence you. Be yourself and upgrade.

Wish for the moon 🌙 and you will land in the ⭐stars. Imagine The highest version and high standards for yourself so, than you will land in the best version. Have patience, change is not easy, so it won’t come in one day. You have to take small efforts and be consistent.

Once you have imagined the best version of yourself, now start to imagine how will you feel when you introduce yourself to others with this higher version. How will your life change with the higher version. The struggle will occur but the results will be more than better. Don’t set too high standards, be realistic don’t be time bound. Don’t be sad and hopeless. It will take time to change. But you will feel great about yourself. I hope you will love the best version and higher version and you will start acting accordingly to be that.

Thank you 🌸 for reading📖. Much love ❤ and healings ⭐ to you.

It’s only 😳embarrassing if you care what people think.

Shame is a soul eating emotion.

C. G. Jung

Hey visitors⭐ hope you had a great day. We all have been went through numerous awkward, shy and 😳embarrassing moments. We feel too sad and think what have we done, how will i face everyone, people will laugh at me. If I wore this they will make fun of me. If I failed they will shame me. And number of questions. Wait, it is not something you only have been through. It had happened to all and you are not the one who has face these.

Don’t let it affect you. Something’s happen so quickly that even we don’t understand how it happened. If you ever faced an embarrassing moment just for example, you fell down, you wore an extra ordinary clothes or accessories, you made a promise or said I will get this and that but you fail and now you feel very embarrassing.

Its normal to feel embarrassing but to keep it with us till long time will make you worse. If you fell, laugh at yourself to. If you act crazy laugh at yourself. Just be yourself people will find you crazy and mad. But let them think. If you feel awkward while trying something new, don’t be because at least you tried. Even if you fail you tried.

If you feel embarrassing about yourself just because you didn’t achieved something or failed at something you was good at. There is no point of feeling embarrassing because you have set high standards for yourself. So, be realistic set standards slowly. You will fail several times , you will make mistakes so you don’t need to be in guilt of embarrassment. Because it happens with everyone.

If you are shy 😳 in front of someone and hesitate to talk just let them know that you need time to get comfortable. There is nothing to feel embarrassing. If you will fulfill everyone’s expectations you will lose yourself. Explain why the moment occurred.

You have to face the fact that something bad has happened to you. Remember it is only embarrassing if you tell yourself it is. You are much more critical about yourself then anyone others. Take deep breaths , learn to laugh at yourself, and don’t think about what other’s will think of you. Let them think whatever they want. They barely think of themselves. Don’t get angry just say ohk i faced this situation I have to get over it. The moment is passed and now it’s past. I won’t think of it in future. I won’t make myself miserable. I know everyone goes through this and I am not the one. If being real is crazy for people let them think. I don’t think of themselves at all. would not give others the chance to make me feel embarrassed or sad.

Don’t feel ashamed to what happened to you. It was unexpected and quick. Just laugh and leave. Face the reality accept and let it go. Don’t ever feel ashamed of yourself. Live the way you want, don’t let their thinking affect you.

Thank you😊 for reading. Much love❤ and healings ⭐ to you.

Self confidence is a super power.🦸‍♂ways to build self confidence.

Hey visitors ⭐hope you are having a great day. Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful😍, grateful, ❤ loved, cared, successful🏆 without needing someone to tell you or appreciate you. Self confidence is not that they will like me, it is that i will be fine if they don’t💁.

The First task to build self confidence is to believe in yourself and accepting your flaws as they are. “If you don’t like yourself, nor the people will do”.

The second task is to understand your abilities and your potential. Not letting anyone define it for you. “No matter how many people will demotivate you, or make fun of you, you have to believe in your ability and work towards your goals”

The third task is to getting rid of negativity. Negative thoughts 🤔💭 are your enemy, and you won’t let your enemies come to your home right? “Don’t talk negative about others nor yourself”

The fourth is to taking mistake as an opportunity to grow not to regret . As we all are humans we will make mistakes, but to learn from it is the main purpose. “Make mistakes, but learn from it”

The fifth is to accepting your own skin and being comfortable with what you got. Stop comparing, you are unique and great in your own kind. “Don’t say I am better than her, say if I am great so is she”. Everyone is unique and different there is no comparison between sun and moon , they shine ⭐✨ when there time is”

The sixth is to not to take criticism from people whom you would not go to take advice from. Self confidence is when you care about what you think first, not people opinions. Take criticism as an opportunity to grow. No one is perfect, so don’t get offended just use it as opportunity to make yourself better”

The seventh is to being 😊 grateful for what you have and focusing on your accomplishments. Looking on the bright ✨side of life. “Positivity grows when you focus on it” Know you are lacking something, still you are grateful for what you got.

The eight is to facing your fears, and taking action 🎬 towards it. You have to face your fears even if you are afraid. Your goals are more important than your fear. Don’t let your fears affect you. You can do anything you think of. You are in control of your life.

The nineth is to accepting responsibility for your own life. Your life is the outcome of your choices. You are responsible for your life no one else. So stop blaming and complaining. You have the courage to face all the difficulties. You are just one decision away from whole new different life.

The last but not the least is to take care of yourself. Treat yourself as your best friend👭. You would not treat him /her bad. You will always think best for them. So, advice and love yourself as you will love your BFF.

Thank you 🌸 for reading📖. Much love ❤ and healings ⭐to you.

You are one decision away from a very different life.

Hey, visitors ⭐ hope you are having a great day. Do you feel stuck? Do you feel you have standing in wrong place or are you being with the wrong person? Do you feel like you are drowning in water and feel no way out? The feeling of being stuck or nothing can be done, everything will be ended it is the worst feeling ever.

But do you know you don’t drown by falling in water, you drown by staying there. When you feel stuck just find a way out. Even if you are being stuck for a big time. There is way out there. You can get out, you have to take efforts and surely you will find a way out. It depends on you, either to stay or leave.

Even if you are in a relationship where you are not happy or just because you are together for so long you can’t get out. You have to get out, you made a bad decision or you were wrong about the person but it doesn’t means you will tolerate their ill treatment for long. Just because you choose them. Yes, you have made a mistake but if you think you have to tolerate them and everything is over in your life. You can’t change the decision. Than you are totally wrong. If you will continue to stay with them you will suffer more. Temporary pain is better than a lifetime regret. You will only get those things which you have the courage to ask for.

We all make choices in life and it becomes wrong later on. But we can’t stay stuck their or blame for choosing wrong. A mistake repeated is a choice remember that. You made mistake it’s okay, change it, correct the mistake. The changed behavior is the best apology for a mistake. You have been doing something wrong all the times because of anyone influence or anything. But at the time you realize you did wrong or are doing wrong. Stop doing it. Even if you did in past people will blame you and shame you. But you understood your mistake and you are putting efforts to correct it. That is what matters. Don’t fear about what will happen when you will say the truth, let them don’t believe you but you will not regret yourself in life.

People don’t die because snake has bitten them as you all may be knowing that all snakes are not poisonous. They die because of the fear of death by the bite. Fear can make you grow or break you. You have to overcome your fear and have the courage to do what is right for you.

Your life don’t become miserable just because you have problems. It becomes miserable because you only focus on problems and not the solutions. You have to shift your focus on what you can do, mistake done okay but don’t repeat it. The choice is always yours. To do the right thing or to correct the wrong thing. You have to change your behavior and with the help of experience make choices. If you will live with the fear you won’t get anything you want. If you don’t have courage to ask you won’t get it. Temporary hurt is okay rather than lifetime regret. You will feel pain when you will leave the person whom you love but if they were toxic you have to do that. By staying with them you will make yourself miserable. There is always a way out just you have to find it.

Thank you 🌸for reading. Much Love❤ and healings⭐ to you.

Don’t be afraid 😱 to give up the good🙃 to go for great😎

Don’t settle for less just because it’s available.


What you want exists,don’t settle for less.


Hey, visitors ⭐ hope you are having a great day. Do you like to settle for less? Do you think it’s worth? Do you know that what you want exists? What makes you settle for less? These are very thoughtful questions to ask yourself. What makes you stop from going an extra mile or achieving your desired goals? There will be hell lot of excuses! Right? But when you settle for less just because it’s available, you will sacrifice the life you want. As I always say, nothing is impossible so why settle for good, when you can get better?

For an instance, if I offered you a plate of 🥗salads and a bowl of yummy 😋 🍲soup. Which one will you choose? Both have same basic ingredient that is vegetables! But still you will go for soup, because it’s delicious and worth it. Same goes with life, in order to achieve something great you have to sacrifice good. We get choices between good and great. Remember, there is nothing like bad, because even bad things teaches us a lesson and helps us grow. So, growth isn’t bad, right?

You all know your worth, and deep down you know what you deserve, how you should be treated. So, why settle for a person who treats you like an option, while you treat them as your choice. Why people are too haste in getting into relationships? Just because someone approaches you or you are feeling lonely or just because it’s available you will invest your precious time in it. Even when you know it’s not worthy? Why you sacrifice great things for good? If you know you can get better things or people, then why not try for it instead of wasting time in watering dead plants 🌱 or settling for less? 💁

What you want and deserve is available, just you have to know what’s good and what’s better. If you will keep choosing good it won’t take you to great things. To achieve great you have to be consistent, patience, strong willed and putting efforts. If you know you can do it better than just do it. Don’t wait for someone to tell you . Accept yourself, know your worth, you are capable of everything you want and desire. You can get anything you want if you don’t settle for less. If you don’t value yourself, you will sell yourself cheaply.

In built high standards, set high goals , know you are capable and follow virtues. Don’t settle for less, don’t sacrifice great, it will come to you. Just you have to be consistent and putting efforts to achieve it. Go for an extra mile to achieve great things. You may not have what you want now, others may have, they will tell you to settle for less. Don’t just believe them. You will get the best thing at the end. That’s why we eat 🍧desserts at the end.

Don’t get married if you don’t feel you have got the right person, just because you are in age doesn’t means you have to get married. It takes lifetime to search the one, or a couple of seconds. It’s ok to get education in 30s ,to get job in 40s and to get married in 35s .Don’t give up on your dreams just because someone says it’s not possible. It is not possible for them but for you. Always choose great over good. Always go for quality in life, not for quantity. It doesn’t matter how many people you got, what matters is how many people values you, care for you and are available to help you. Don’t be upset if you are single, or don’t have lots of friends. It is just because it’s better to stay single than to be in a wrong relationships. Never ever settle for less.

Thank you 🌸 so much for reading📖. Much love ❤ and healings to you. ⭐

Nothing lasts forever 🌼

The bad news is that nothing lasts forever, the good news is that nothing lasts forever..


Hey, visitors hope you are having a great day. We always want something, someone to last forever with us. But it’s a lie…. Nothing lasts forever not the person, pain, happiness, wealth. Once we met someone, we start to like them, and dream about being together forever. And when they leave we are not able to trust, or get pain because we want them to stay but they leave. So, don’t ever think about something lasting forever. Even our behavior, emotions, pain, happiness doesn’t last forever🌼.

When you are going through a phase which you find very difficult to overcome, just remember nothing lasts forever. The day will pass, the emotions , pain will pass. That is just temporary, the phase may be too long but it will always have an end. So, don’t give permanent feelings to temporary phase or people.

There is time when we feel on cloud ☁7 . We feel it to last forever🧡. But after sunshine☀ it is always dark and after dark it is always sunshine. This is life and it will go on like this. We have to learn to deal with it. We have to say goodbye to things which don’t make you feel great. We have to say hello to new things. You will feel sad to bid bye to old things but nothing lasts forever.

It’s great sometimes that nothing lasts forever. As we know the pain, fear , bad people won’t last forever. When something is taken away from us it is better for us as we are destined to much better. We have to learn to leave in present. Enjoy now, love now, care now, spend now, enjoy doing what you like, eat now, care now, work hard now because nothing lasts forever.

When life gives you happiness, enjoy the phase don’t worry that it won’t last forever, just go with the flow , enjoy it, and make memories. Even with bad people we have good memories. Even if they left us, cherish the good memories with them. Leave the pain, hatred and move on. Just understand that the part they play must have been over when they left us. So, you will get a new character and you have to welcome it. Don’t ever give permanent feeling to temporary people or phase. Just live, love in the moment. Time is precious, life is precious enjoy every bit don’t waste a single minute in worrying. Because nothing lasts forever🌼

Thank you🌹 for📖 reading. Much love ❤ and healings to you.

Relax 💆, Refresh🔄, Restart 🙃

Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon, against your challenges, So relax 💆.

Bryant McGill

Each person deserves a day away, in which no problems are confronted, no solutions are searched for.

Maya Angelou

Hey, visitors ⭐ hope you are having a relaxing day. If not just leave all the work and take a day off from 💭thinking about problems, solution, worries. Give your body and mind a day off. You know that our mind and body are continuously working👨‍💻. We got many things to do. Even machines needs to rest, refresh, reboot to work properly. So, does your body and mind too. As you clear all the thrash from mobiles, you need to clear it from your mind too.

You body also needs energy, which will get from healthy food and drinking water. Your mind needs meditation to clear the thoughts . Deep breath and feel your body, it will make you feel alive. Relax 💆 at home. Have a great bubble bath, apply essential oils, wear comfy clothes, rest on the couch, apply some calming 🎶music, go for a walk in nature 🌿🍃and feel the air. Take a day off from people and spend time by yourself.

To make your mind work efficiently 🌸just stop thinking about every thought that occurs. Let it pass by, do activities that make you feel relax. In today’s hectic world and technology world. People are not getting enough healthy food and sleep. Sleep is the most important thing . If you don’t sleep well your body and mind won’t work well. If you don’t rest, your mind won’t work well. No productivity, No inspiration, No creativity will occur.

You body and mind deserves a day off too. Make yourself feel loved by practising self care. Just don’t do anything if you feel exhausted😩. As you wont be able to give 100% output. Whenever you feel like your mind is exhausted and body is tired. Just relax, take a day nap for atleast 20 min. Know when you are more energetic and do important stuff at that time. Some people feels productive in morning, some in afternoon and some in evening. Know yourself.

Once you will relax or rest, you will feel refreshing 😌. When there is too much of load, thoughts in your mind just get away, relax your self, get refreshed clear all the tabs in your mind , remove the thrash and reboot yourself. Restart your day, work. Always do work with a fresh 🍃💦 mind. Listen to music 🎶 , sing the 🎤song. Do what makes you feel relax and alive. Pursue your hobby which makes you feel relax. Take a good amount of sleep at night. And a day nap between working hours.

Breathe, let the burden go away. Throw your worries out with each breath. Don’t stress too much, work hard but rest well too. Because your mind won’t work properly if you take too much stress. It will affect your body functions too. Input good amount of healthy food and drink lots of refreshing water and drink.

Read a book, upgrade your knowledge, try something new. Capture all the good memories, relive it in your mind. Smile often. Laugh 😂 out. Relax, refresh and restart.

Thank you 🌸for reading. Much love ❤ and healings to you. ⭐

If you are brave 🌼enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. 🤗

‘Hit the reset button, whatever happened yesterday, forget about it, get a new perspective, today is a new day, Fresh start begins now.

Germany kent.

Every day is a fresh🍃💦 start. Hello, visitors hope you are having a great day. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery . Today is the day to restart your life. We always budge on the yesterday and worry about tomorrow. The yesterday may be 😣difficult, sad, regretful, angry, happy whatsoever. Thinking about it today won’t make any change. The yesterday has gone, let the regrets, hatred, anger, sadness be gone too. Don’t think about it today.

Each day is a new day. Don’t live everyday the same and call it life. New start is not a place it is a mindset. Not to repeat and hold grudges and hurt yourself. Change your mindset and write each day with positivity. Accept the challenge, be prepared for the worst. Not every day is a good day, but there is something good in every day. Let it go https://wwwselflovee.wordpress.com/2020/06/29/letting-go%f0%9f%8d%83/ hope you will find it useful.

If you want to move forward, you have to let it go what you weighs you down. Start a fresh and new day. Count on blessings. Do what makes you feel alive today. If you are feeling sad or angry don’t react, spend time alone and clear your thoughts. When you will feel calm, do your activities. Be brave to say goodbye to yesterday, people who let you down, consume your energy, makes you feel negative, unworthy, regrets.

Life will reward you a new hello. When you let go of of things and remove old stuff. You feel better and your mind is clear for new things and new sources. If you want different results, change your input. If you want to be happy find happiness in little things. If you want love, love those who love you the most.

Write each day as you want. Be prepared for getting upset, sad, happy but don’t be surprised if these happen. As you know not everyday will be same. Explore new things, do something different everyday and you will broaden your horizon.

If something is taken away from you, remember something is waiting to come in your life to. It will only come when you will bid goodbye . Bid goodbye to pain, yesterday and start a new life. Make space for change it will change your life.

Change your mindset, wake up with determination and strength. Hope for happiness. And do what makes you feel alive.

Thank 🌹you for 📖 reading. Much love and healing to you.

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