Little act of kindness ✨

Hey visitors hope you all are doing great. Life is unpredictable and some people make it difficult and choose to spread hatred. So, in this cruel world there is need of spreading kindness all over. Kindness is not only doing charity and spending lot’s of money and sharing huge amount of food. People spread kindness through little acts too. Some people think what will happen if i give 10 amount . That won’t make their life better , when i will have more money i will give huge. It’s not a shame to give little amount. The feeling matters not the money or material stuff. Yes, your little amount won’t change their life but will surely change their day.

Whenever you help someone you feel more happy about it. When you share your food with someone who is in need . The smile and the satisfaction is worth more than anything. You will have a feeling of fulfillment. You will feel more happy. Don’t help someone out of sympathy and speak about their miserable condition and make them feel worse. Be empathetic and you will feel their pain and help them. Being understanding is also kindness. Help someone, make someone smile, water a plant 🪴. Take care of nature do a little something for spreading kindness.

If someone is rude don’t be rude back. Just say that i can understand that where your anger, jealous come from. I wish you healing and nothing bad. Be a listener, don’t judge or listen to give opinions. Give your whole time to understanding them. Give random compliments ☺ spread your love.

Thank you so much ❤ for reading. Much love💖 and healings to you.

In order to appreciate we need to lose sometimes.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. Life is all about winning and losing. In order to appreciate things in our life we need to lose something so that we can value it more. Loss is inevitable, we cannot stop it. But appreciate it now and then it will make our life easier and happier. Have you ever saw a person who has abundance of things ,love and happiness and has never face any kind of loss in life or failure is appreciative of what they have? Either they become careless or rude. They have proud feeling of them selves and are termed as narcissist.

Ask a child who is orphan ,what is value of parents or someone who had lost their closed ones. They are not rude they know how it feels so they appreciate what they have in life. Those who have ,they tend to not care and nor appreciate it on daily basis. Life is just so unpredictable , i don’t want you to lose your dear ones or whatever you have . I want you to appreciate it and value it. Just know we can’t control things like death . Don’t wait for the time you lose them so you can appreciate other people in life. Life is also a gift to you ,appreciate it daily. You are alive and can do whatever you want. Just live it to the fullest.

You need to fail several times to get successful. You will only appreciate it when you will fail. You would know what success tastes like when you do hard work and be consistent. You need to feel anger in order to appreciate happiness. But don’t vent your anger on others and be a rude person. Just use that anger energy in doing some of your work. After all it’s just a energy and that to too powerful. Instead of venting on people use it for becoming successful. You need to cry to feel less stressful. It’s okay to cry it’s an internal cleanse.

Appreciate your health even when you lose a bit of it. It can make you weak . Do exercise, eat proper diet and 🧘‍♀️ meditate. Not only when you lose it but make it your daily habit. Value your relationships now not when you lose it. Try and work on it daily, not only when it is about to break . In order to love and understand it ,you need to lose a relationship. And losing is not always bad. It doesn’t mean you should stop living or you can’t fall in love again. After you lose one , you will understand what you are worth and what you should be allowing in life and how should they treat you. I don’t think a broken heart will break another heart . Because they know how it feels and how much it hurts. They will value love more once they accept the reality and start loving themselves. ❤

You don’t have to have a personal loss to appreciate things. There are many people who are losing something one or the other day unfortunately. Just take it as a life ‘s reminder to make you appreciate what you already have in life.

Thank you💕 so much for reading. Much love ❤ and healings to you 💛.

Insight in your true self.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. Just ask one question to yourself how do you feel when someone is confused about you and still claims to like you but their actions doesn’t match their words? Isn’t it frustrating? It’s much better to be alone than to be with someone who is confused about us and doesn’t put effort whole heartedly. How you feel when their is a group plan and everyone is ready at first and they ditch at the moment or just be there and don’t show interest in anything. That’s too frustrating, you might feel it was better that you wouldn’t have asked them or let anyone who is confused about their own feelings come in our life. Because when your own feelings are confused and still you tell others you like them. You are wasting your own time and also theirs. You are hurting yourself and them too.

Now, you see how you feel when such things are done by others to you. In the first place imagine how many times you have done such things just to adjust with the societies standards and just to maintain your good image even when you don’t feel like doing it, going out or helping someone. You tend to think that if i refuse them they will think i am selfish ,bad or rude person. So, just for maintaining the so called “good” image , you tend to go to the parties, outings or wear something you don’t want to do at that moment. You might think it was way much better if i was home or did something else. There is difference between getting out of comfort zone and being yourself. When you feel lazy to do things that’s being in your comfort zone. But when you are exhausted or really don’t feel like doing the thing which is offered and wanting to do something else instead of it is self love. For example: Going to a party when you feel like reading a book with a cup of coffee in couch.

When you say yes to one thing you are saying no to others. You can’t say yes to all so, you have to choose about what is worth saying yes for. Sitting in a couch being lazy or having a meaningful conversation with your loved ones. Choice is yours. Being upfront means if you don’t want to do that thing at the moment and have worthy things to do instead of that .

You don’t have to say yes to everything people ask for. So, instead of making them hope tell them your true genuine feelings. That i am not in the mood for it or i don’t feel like going outside. I am busy so can’t help right now. If you aren’t sure about your feelings don’t give others hope that you like them. First make your mind clear and then stand for your decision. Be upfront tell how you feel and don’t try to mess up by being fake. You know what you want so don’t deny it. Be clear take your time. Take time to reflect on your thoughts. Don’t get confused when people try to manipulate you for being you. Listen to your heart and do what is says. Be clear to everyone speak if you can or cannot do things . Don’t ditch them at the moment except if their is unpredictable situation.

Thank you💕 so much for reading. Much love❤ and healings💫 to you.

Today is the new day, which you haven’t experienced before.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. Worrying about future and regretting the past is the common thing nowadays. Tell people to sit idle for a minute and millions of thoughts passes away and making oneself feel more stressed and fearful. Today is a gift and if you keep wasting it by thinking about yesterday or tomorrow you aren’t doing great. Each day is a new day you haven’t experienced before. So, if you live your life same everyday and don’t make any changes, you are not enjoying it . You should upgrade yourself and give your best each day. You can’t keep regretting about the past things or mistakes and keep feeling guilty now and make today worse. You are not same person you were yesterday.

You should enjoy today, make changes today don’t wait for tomorrow. The more you procrastinate the more worse it gets. We have many things which we buy and kept in the closet and are waiting for the right time or i will wear that when their is this special occasion. But in reality it doesn’t gets used and when we suddenly remember about it , the clothes doesn’t fit us anymore. Think about such things and you will find many of them. There is no such right time for it. It is now, you don’t have to wait for the right time to enjoy or wear it. You can do it now, who knows the future. Today we are alive and we don’t know about tomorrow. So, don’t wait for the right time, whatever you feel like wearing, doing something do it now. Do that change you want to do in yourself now. Be yourself and live in the present moment. Love and be grateful now.

Let go of yesterday and start a new day with a new mindset. Breathe the fresh air and stay mindful. Everyday is the blank page and you have to write it . So, you won’t waste your time writing about the bad stuffs. Change your mindset and look at the world with a new perspective. Don’t let people bother you much. If you experienced happiness today enjoy it fully now. Don’t think that if i am happy today i will be sad tomorrow. Everyday is a challenge and not you will get the same level . Sometimes it may be easy and sometimes difficult. You just have to trust yourself and keep moving.

Thank you🌼 so much for reading . Much love❤ and healings 💫to you.

Stay a mystery, it’s better 💯

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. We all try to explain ourselves to many people who don’t even care about what our story is . We keep proving ourselves to others, when they judge us based on the chapter they entered in our life. They just know our chapter not the whole story. Everyone has a past which is a mix of happiness, sadness, mistakes, love, hate. Most people judge you on the basis of past . Yes, you may have made mistakes in the past but now you know you are no more your past self. You have changed yourself and now you are completely different person than you were yesterday. People live in our past more than we visit it.

People also judge others on the basis of third person’s opinion without genuinely trying to know us. People distance themselves on the basis of others opinion of us. And who doesn’t know the concept of first impressions! Well, that’s human psychology to judge people on the way they look, dress etc. But not everyday we can be best of ourselves yes , we can try to but life brings unpredictable circumstances. And people choose to see what they want to see in us. Likewise we should also never judge a book by it’s cover or make assumptions about someone as soon as you meet them. You will only know them when you will spend time with them and try to know them genuinely. Many people have wrong assumptions about us, they might think based on look that we are rude etc but when they will talk to us , know us , they will know that they were wrong.

Many people complain we have changed ourselves. Change is necessary and we cannot be the same always. When we were good to people they were treating us badly and now when we understood that they were selfish and we don’t allow them to take advantage of us. They start complaining about that you have changed, you are mean . Life teaches us many things and we should accept that learning and move ahead. We can’t be bad just because we went through bad. We can’t just be cruel because others was cruel to us. But , yes we can set boundaries. We should not allow them to take undue advantage of us. What goes around comes around. If you haven’t done any bad to anyone , still people do bad to you it’s doesn’t means you deserve it. It means you were kind to them and they choose to take advantage of it. Just be yourself do good to others but don’t lose yourself in that. Know what you deserve and act accordingly. You don’t need to prove and explain yourself to each and everyone. You just need to prove it to yourself. That’s why , stay a mystery it’s better .

I just read a beautiful quote ,it says, ” Some people will judge you for changing, Other’s will celebrate you for growing. Choose your circle carefully ” .

Thank you for reading. Much love and healings to you ❤.

Everything happens for a reason 😌

Hey,visitors hope you all are doing great. Everything happens for a reason whether you know it or not, you want it or not. Things will happen when they want to. We cannot force anything or control them. We can just keep investing our efforts towards our goals and what we want. We will get everything at its own time. Nor early nor later. If something is meant for you it will come to you in unexpected ways and something isn’t meant for you , will never be with you despite trying seamless. That’s the life rules, everything has its own time and everything happens for a reason. Despite being sad or forcing things , look for the signs and lessons what life has to teach us and try to guess the meaning of it. Always remember if something is taken away from you ,something better is on the way.

After pain ,grief there will be always healing and happiness. If you feel bad for something happened or is happening in your life. Look for the reason , even if you don’t get the answer right now, it will make sense later. When you broke up with someone whom you loved and they wasn’t treating you right. You will keep loving them and accept less than you deserve , you might want them again. But remember it’s not worthy, they taught you what your value was and how they were treating you. You should move on and know what you deserve and find the other person accordingly.

Don’t compare yourself with anyone. You will feel doubtful about yourself. You can’t choose the circumstances but you can choose how to react to it. Keep crying or making that your strength and achieve the impossible. You should know and recognize the early signs of jealousy, betrayal and how they treat you and how they use you for their own needs. Such people are happiness sucker and won’t return your kindness back. They will make you feel guilty and leave you when they no more need you. Even if you want them, they will go . So, understand that their role was for a while they taught me the lesson and went. I won’t allow anyone to take undue advantage of me. I will learn to say no to others and yes to myself. I am loved , I am deserving and I know everything happens for a reason. I will just try and be patient till better things manifest.

Thank you🌸 so much for reading. Much love❤ and healings💫 to you.

To improve is to change , to be perfect is to change often.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. The quote has an important message that is to change often. You can’t produce better results by repeating and investing same effort. Everyone is perfect in their own ways, but it’s necessary to change ourselves time to time. Nothing is permanent, seasons change ,people change and we should too. Change for your own good . People want to improve themselves but are lazy for change. If you want to loose weight and change yourself but you are too lazy to workout and gain more weight due to stress by eating more . Changes in life are inevitable, you should embrace the changes and adapt to it .

Not everything in your life will happen according to your plans. We have to face the unexpected and rather complaining about it, you should find solutions and accept it as it is. You can have changes in your looks ,the way you dress and trying new things will make your life more interesting and less stressful. Have you ever wondered that when you go on a vacation, why you feel super great and refreshing after coming back? Because it’s the change in your environment that makes you feel great. You should make changes in your behavior too. If you have a bad habit instead of saying i am not perfect just say i know i have one and i am trying to improve myself and take effort to remove that bad habit from my life.

As we change , people change too!

Once a friend won’t be friend forever. They can become stranger and strangers can become friends. So, don’t keep expectations from other people to stay the same. If they choose to change and won’t include you in their life it’s okay. Everything happens for a reason , every person and situation has a purpose in our life. To give us valuable lesson . We have to be consistent in improving ourselves. Changing ourselves for a better life. We can include change in our life at the moment we want without worrying about what people will think . If we stay same everyday, and do the same we won’t improve ourselves. As we can’t eat the same thing day and night. Just as that we can’t stay the same all the time. If you are introvert try a life of extrovert for a day and vice versa. Change is difficult at first and best at the end.

Thank you🌸 so much for reading. Much❤ love and healings💫 to you.

Shoot for the moon🌙, Even if you miss it , you will land among the 🌟stars.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. Whatever you do in life do it with all your soul or don’t do it at all. Doing things just for the sake of doing is waste of your time, energy . You should be involved in any activity you love and give your 100 percent. Try your best and forget the rest about the results. Putting consistent efforts in your life and trying to win with all your soul is the best thing to do. The sky is the limit ✨ so, don’t stunt your growth. Keep upgrading your skills and knowledge. Don’t do the same thing in the same manner. Think about more possible ways to solve a particular problem.

Believe in yourself and keep going forward towards your dream. Let the voice of the haters and people shut down while you are trusting your gut and your heart. Make mistakes and learn from it. No one is perfect everyone is perfectly imperfect. Wise is not who don’t make mistakes, he is the one who makes, learns and apply the lesson in the life. Be curious about life, if you think you know it all, you will miss the experiences and new possibilities in life.

Have a big vision, Don’t doubt yourself, you deserve the best and you can achieve the impossible. Don’t let your fear let you down. Have high values,morals, standards and Don’t lower them for anyone. You know what you deserve so never settle for less. Dream high and put your whole and soul into achieving it . Even if you don’t achieve the desired goal , you will atleast land among the stars. Prepare for 100% even if you don’t get it , you will get close to 90 and above. Have a high goal mindset , you are born for doing huge things than you think you can do. Remember everyone will shine at their own time. Keep going.

Thank you 💕so much for reading. Much love❤ and healings 💫to you.

Life is a journey, not a destination ✨.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great . Our wants are limitless and time bound. We tie our hopes to a goal and expect it to work out as we want. We want all the people we love to stay forever with us. But this is not possible. People change themselves as seasons. We can’t avoid the separation and obstacles. Heartbreak is a part of journey. No person or goal is your destination. You might think now that if i achieved this goal or if i got this i will live a tension free and satisfactory life. There is no destination of happiness and if you think,once you have achieved your all goals and retired than you can live a peaceful life. It is not true. Many people at their old age thinks about i have made so many sacrifices and when i have achieved my goals still i am not happy. When they look back they think about what if i had not worked that hard and enjoyed a life little bit. What if i had thought about my self and followed my passion.?

Life is like a ice cream , if you don’t enjoy it now then it will surely melt. Life is living in today, the present moment. Don’t think that i will do this later and all. Life is very unpredictable so enjoy each day with what you want to do now. Goals are important but don’t indulge yourself into them so much that you regret in your old age and think, i should have enjoyed the life more . Live in the present moment. Enjoy now and look life as a journey . Many people will come and go . Don’t tie hopes to anyone. Everyone will come in our life to teach us a valuable lesson. Whether it is good or bad.

You have to move forward each day despite whatever you may feel. Our wants are endless. The more we have the more we want. The less we have the more is the quality of life increased. Just ask yourself when you will be in your old age and when you reflect back on past . What are the things you wanted to do or should have done differently? When you will get the answer, apply it now.

We will face many obstacles, we will experience every season, emotion. We have to make ourselves prepared for the unexpected. The simpler your life is the more your happiness will be. A simple life is that knowing everything won’t be same forever. Accepting the change and adapting to it. Knowing your priorities, spreading kindness, loving yourself . Choosing quality over quantity . Learning the lesson and moving on. Never taking anything for granted and being grateful. Having a brave heart and following the voice of your heart. Walking alone or with someone in the journey of life. You should be okay we that , many time you will be alone . Use that time on self reflection and improving your self. You should have that mindset whether someone is with me or not i will live my life to the fullest and love myself.

Thank you💖 so much for reading. Much❤ love and healings 💫to you.

Bloom where you are planted 🌻.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. We don’t choose where we are born, who our parents are , our conditions, situations, obstacles ,but we do choose how we react to that and what we make best out of what we have. Giving excuses is the simplest option and we do make a lot. Stop procrastinating and giving excuses. There’s a quote that says , if you are born poor its not your fault but if you die poor than it is. Not every successful person was born with silver spoon or golden spoon. Everyone started small, faced many obstacles and didn’t gave excuses believed in themselves and succeed.

Stop comparing with others who are more rich or talented . Everyone is having their own race and are going on their own pace. There is no comparison between moon and sun, they both shine when their time is. You may not have many sources to make happen what you want. But start with what you have, and when you get forward everything will align and help you. You just have to believe in yourselves. It’s not that if you don’t have finance,best looks, best institution than you won’t succeed. It doesn’t depend on outer qualities. It all depends on your inner persona. How you see yourself and how much effort you take to make your dreams come true.

You should take every effort to improve yourself and instead of crying for what you don’t have , focus on what you have and what you can do. Don’t keep overthinking on the things that have no control in your hands. Just know your worth and i hope you will be that person who breaks the chain of poverty in your family. Where there is a will there is a way. Lotus bloom in the muddy water.

Bloom where you are planted. Thank you💕 so much for reading. Much love❤ and healings 💫to you.

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