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Trust the timing of your life🌼

Hey,visitors hope you all are doing great. The one thing to learn is a bit difficult that is being patient and not losing hope in difficult times. It’s easy to give up and being upset when things doesn’t go well. If everything goes our way than it’s not life. We have to face things and keep going on.

Trusting the timing of your life is messy process. However we try to be positive , somewhere the overthinking comes haunting us and make us lose confidence and hope in ourselves. But when in dark times it’s the hope that keep us alive. Losing hope will make our life worse and worse .

Everyone is running their own race of life with their own pace. What is yours will always find you. It can’t be taken away from you. Just we don’t know the exact timing of what we want. We just have to wait and trust the timing of our life. The things will happen at their own pace. Even if we can’t see it tangible it is happening behind us.

Don’t compare your life with others. Everyone is going at their own pace. Hope is the burning fuel in our life. Don’t let anyone around you make it dim. And make you feel you are not worthy. Stay away from people who brings negativity in your life. Set clear boundaries and work on it. What’s yours will always find you so don’t take the stress and forget about the rest. Waiting for the best is honestly worth while. Trust the timing of your life.

Thank you so much for reading. Much love❤ and healings 💜to you .

The art of owning yourself 💁‍♀️

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. Today every now and then everyone is trying to be someone else who they are not. They try to imitate others and want to become like them just because they are in competition with them or don’t want to feel laid back in the race of pretending. They don’t realize that they are losing themselves in that process. Some people buy things on credit just to show off because someone else has bought that. This may make them fall into a hard time paying the bills. Upgrading oneself is good but we should not compare oneself with others life and try to be like them.

You are the only one who can make change in your life. Don’t be afraid to show the world the real you. Yes, it is slight difficult to not fall in the trap of pretending, but you can choose for not falling into. Everyone will not appreciate that you are being your own authentic self because the world is so used to pretending they find it horrific and are not able to handle when someone is showing their true self or owning themselves.

Sometimes you wonder why people want to do what you do or just that they do that thing after you did. You may call it jealousy but that would be harmful for your own perception. You will always think that someone is trying to copy you and will look after them with an eye of suspect of being jealous. There is no such thing as you can only think of doing a thing. Everyone has brains and they can have the same perspective as you. We are similar yet so different. Everything is an inspiration ✨ and instead of labeling people who copy you and thinking about them. Just think that they got influenced by you and you are a great person. They like that idea and wanted to steal from you so they will feel better.

As darwin said” They can imitate you but they can’t duplicate you” others might do the same thing but won’t do it as you do. As i said everyone’s got same day , same hours and brain too. But not everyone does the same or even if did has the same outcome as you. So, just be yourself and be bold as you are. It’s take so much guts to be yourself in the world of pretending. I am sure it will bring glory to you.

Thank you so much for reading. Much ❤ love and healings🌸 to you .

Sometimes the right place is a person ❤

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. It’s true that places can make us happy as we have a certain emotion and memories attached to it. Being at home is the most suitable place as we are ourselves with no filter of pretending to be what we are actually not. That is the most comfortable place and the place we crave for every time we are away from it. Which is the place you want to go to at the end of the day? It’s none other than the place you feel safe and calm and will not judge for being unapologetically you . This place will be always there for you. Sometimes the place is not your home. It’s the people that feels like home. It’s the person who is your home and you appreciate it more and more each day when you are away from them.

I am sure you all have that one kind of person who feels like home to you. The kind of person who makes you feel loved,happy, sad, motivated and worthy of everything. This is the kind of person who makes your heart smiles. The person will correct you when you are wrong , because they care for you. They will make you upset sometimes but will be the biggest person to apologize without having a piece of ego in it. They love you with all their heart and listen to you all the time. They try to make consistent effort for you and make you feel that you are at the right place 😌.

The person who is not perfect but will make every effort to be perfect to you. It just feels that life is much more easier with them and all our worries are faded away when you hear their voice. These people are once in a lifetime kind of person and deserves to be cared , loved and appreciated each and every day. They should not only be treated special occasionally but each and every day. The kind of love which is inexpressible with words. Where the other person gets hurt more when causing hurt to you. Whose intentions are pure and will stay by your side despite any obstacles and will find solutions to solve the problems.

Sometimes the right place is a be with them is all you crave. Even the silences feel wonderful with them. I hope you all have such kind of person it may be anyone . You just need to recognize them and be grateful for them. I am glad that I found this gem person in my life and will never let them go. Because it’s my home it’s the person who loves me and whom i love the most. Thank you for being you and let me be myself and still loving me endlessly 💖.

If you still don’t have one don’t be upset because the right person will come at the right time. Have patience and wait for them. Because they are worthy of every minute you wait. Till then love yourself, make yourself the safest place you can go to at the end of the day. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Love yourself enough so you can love others. Because you can’t give others what you don’t have.

Thank you so much for reading. Much love and healings to you ❤.

Be your own kind of beautiful ❤

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. Before i start let me tell you that you are beautiful just the way you are🌼. There is no need for someone to make you remind this, you should never forget that you are beautiful just the way you are🤎.

Because you are one of a kind and there is no one else like you . You are rare and there is no need to compare yourself with other’s. Every one is beautiful in their own way. The term beauty isn’t defined in the way you look , makeup or dress. Beauty is referred to the way you treat yourself and others . The way you perceive things , the way you love yourself and accept the beauty in little things of life is way much beautiful than the outer looks.

There is beauty in knowing which is not seen by the naked eye rather felt deep down in your heart. The face can turn ugly but a beautiful heart is always the beautiful. In the world of being perfectly looking beautiful , be someone who cherish the unseen beauty. Making moderation in the god given gift just to make it beautiful is like an insult. You are not ugly , you are imperfectly perfect. Enhancing your looks is great but knowing that you should not depend on things or products to make you feel beautiful.

Accept yourself and be yourself don’t let the world’s standards of beauty define you. There is no comparison between moon’s and stars . They have their own beauty and should be enjoyed accordingly. Be you because you are different kind of beautiful. Don’t let the world tell you that you are ugly. Beauty doesn’t come in any size, shape, color , things. It’s you accepting yourself and loving yourself and other’s in their own kind of beautiful. The people who says you are ugly are the one who might be beautiful by looks but has a ugly heart. The kind and beautiful heart doesn’t go in vain.

Thank you so 🌸much for reading. Much love and healings to you ❤.

Enjoying what you do💕

Hey , visitors hope you all are doing great . In the hectic schedule of life and repeating the same thing everyday has been a thief of joy in what you do. When we do a task daily it becomes a habit and we keep doing it as a machine. There is no point of enjoying the process. Changing a habit seems difficult at once . So we go stick back to the same old routine.

You should be either doing what you enjoy or enjoy what you’re doing. That makes a great sense. A little change in way of doing something will give you joy and make you feel better. Rather than focusing on the results and setting imaginary goals. Just enjoy the process of doing it. For instance, while making a art you don’t need to focus on making it a master piece. You just need to invest your effort and feel good while doing the art.

There are different ways of doing a single thing. Being doing the same thing again and again is what called as your comfort zone. But trying it in a different manner will help you grow too and the process will give you joy and never know that it may get better than what you have been doing from a while. Don’t make certain outcomes your happiness. If it happens you will be on cloud 9 and if it doesn’t you will only face the disappointment. Just indulge yourself in the process of making it happen so you will be enjoying it every time you do it. Not only the time when you win that or achieve that goal.

Life has variety of choices so, choose the thing you enjoy doing the most. And if you got a thing which is not your interest find a way to enjoy it and experiment different ways . Happiness is an inner feeling so don’t set expectations on outer things to make you happy.

Thank you so much for reading ❤. Much love and healings to you 🌸.

The magic of little things 💕

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. Today i would like to discuss about the little things in our life. Which people think don’t make a huge difference but it does. You can’t get success overnight, you have to invest your time and effort each day and be consistent about it.

Have you heard about the proverb which says that if you can’t make a big difference, make a little change.There are many things around us which we can cherish and will give happiness to us. We just have to find it. Making a simple art can make your mood better. A single quote or a page of a book can make a huge difference.

Life is not all about expensive things and money . You can be happy in little things too. Each and everyday make a little difference in yourself. You can’t change yourself in a day but each day a little effort and consistent effort will do wonders over a long period of time. You just have to be patient. You don’t have to buy expensive things for people to make them love you. It’s just the simple effort each day which will take you close to them. A simple text , call, rose or words of appreciation, apology for hurting makes a huge difference. Spending time with your loved ones each day a little will make you and them feel better. Investing in yourself a little each day will make you feel better.

The words have a great amount of power over others and us. Using words in proper manner will do wonders in life. On contrary if not used properly can have negative effect. Spending time in nature by taking a walk can make you feel refreshed. Be grateful for everything you have in life. Don’t run after getting quick results, developing one self requires time, commitment and consistency. Investing a little each day will grow into success of what you desire. Make effort to work things out. There is magic in little things of life cherish that.

Thank you so much for reading ❤. Much love and healings to you 🌸

Boundaries are your responsibility. You decide what is and isn’t allowed in your life 💯

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. Today i want to write about the thing that is very important in our life “setting boundaries “. In today’s world where everyone want to be liked by everyone and loved by them. Who doesn’t love to be everyone’s favorite. I guess no one would like that people hate them. But in reality to be really nice and everyone’s favorite makes you pay a price of your own mental peace and freedom.

To be everyone’s favorite you have to say yes to everything they ask you to do and say good things about them so they don’t find you offensive or see you in a bad light. If you say the truth they will leave you or not talk to you. If you don’t do what they like or say no to them they might feel you are selfish and say you are wrong. But that’s not the case. You have to say how you feel and you can’t say yes for everything. Being available all the time, makes them take you for granted .

If they want you to always do as they want. They are just using you and once you stop doing things according to them they will change their behavior and make you feel guilty for even having a opinion. You have to be there for yourself but sometimes you need others to be there for you too. And when you say you need them and they aren’t available for you that’s really mean. There should be give and take of energy. If someone is just an energy consumer and treat you according their convenience than you should really set strong boundaries. Just the sake for you mental peace . You deserve the love you give to others.

Not everyone will like you and not everyone matters. You don’t like everyone and neither they will. That’s totally okay don’t lose yourself to please others. It’s okay to expect from your loved ones but remember not everyone has a heart like you. You should be vocal about your feelings and needs too. You should love the other person according to their love language and vice versa. If someone is real to you they will stay and if they aren’t you will get relief that they were just for selfish reasons. Be selfless but don’t lose your self in that process.

Teach people how you want to be treated too. Set boundaries and don’t accept any behavior that hurts you. Say no , stay disconnected for sometime. Because your needs matters and not everyone will agree with you as everyone has different opinions instead of being angry just accept that everyone has different perceptions and needs. What feels best for you might be worse for others. So be vocal about your boundaries and needs.

Thank you for reading. Much love and healings to you 🌸 ❤

You are the artist 🎨 of your own life ✨.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. As the title says, you are the artist of your own life so you have the every right to paint it in your own colors and draw it in your own way. Never let anyone else have the paintbrush of your life. Right from the childhood our parents paint our life because we are not that mature to understand life on our own. But once when you understand everything you should not let anyone decide your life for yourself.

You are the most beautiful piece of art and you deserve to be yourself and do what you feel like doing. Don’t let anyone control your emotions, mood, choices. Let it be your lessons and your mistakes. You will learn from that and move on. It’s better to do what you like and fail than to do what others want and suffer.

You should enjoy what you are doing . You should live your life to the fullest ✨. There is no perfect timing for anything. Its now and only now in the moment. Life is not black and white it’s colorful. If you ever get short of any color mix it with other or try other color. You get new canvas everyday. Each day is new day to start and to do what makes you feel alive. Live life on your own terms. Take that decision even if it feels scary right now . It will take you to new places.

Thank you so much for reading ❤. Much love and healings to you 🌸

What you go through you grow through.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. It’s been a while since i wrote a post. Well, there is a lot of stuff we go through everyday. There is no stop for happiness It’s not a destination, It’s a everyday thing to do. Life throws many challenges to us and sometimes we are ready for it and sometimes we just don’t feel like facing it. Both this cases are valid. There comes a time when you just get fed up of everything and facing obstacles . It just feels like I can handle the situation but don’t want to because we are so tired of being strong and when you have gone through hardships and grown through it , people expect you to do the same as they know you are capable of handling so you should handle it and go Through it.

It’s not their job to help us or understand us. Because they haven’t been in our place and it’s fine , people can only suggest or support us and can’t do anything else even if we are close to them. It’s our battle and we have to fight for ourselves. But while going through stuffs you should have some rest . Instead of giving up just take a break. Let the situation be as it is for a while , if you are fed up of being strong just say and feel what you feel. Your emotions are valid be vulnerable about it. If your mind is running into overthinking let that thinking occur just see it as a passing cloud. When we don’t give meaning to the thoughts it affects less.

Don’t think of what is going to happen tomorrow and be upset today. Feel yourself and know that you will go through different things than others and you will grow through differently. There is no comparison between sun and stars. They shine when their time is. Happiness is not tied to a person or a thing. It’s a whole lot of internal process. There may be times in past when certain things hurt you so bad you end up thinking you won’t be happy without it . But as time passes and when we look back we laugh at those things that how we thought we never could be happy again while the thing in past didn’t affect a percent now.

In the processes of facing obstacles and going through things take a break do what you feel like doing. Be content and happy with yourself. Don’t make someone your happiness just make that thing a part of your happiness.

Thank you so much for reading ❤. Much love and healings to you 🌸

Cherishing the life🌸

Hey, visitors hope you are doing well. Life is very unpredictable, we don’t know what is going to happen next. The only thing we know is now . The present moment is precious and we should cherish each and every thing of it.

Being positive all the time is not possible and that is not the thing we should do. Accepting the fact as it is will help you a lot. Instead of Focusing on adversity try to focus on the lesson it is trying to teach you and the solutions. Focus on the things that you can control. The thing you can control is your reaction to the situation and perspective.

Don’t wait for the moment to become a memory to cherish it. Live in the moment and cherish the people who are there for you, the time you get to spend with them, the things you get to enjoy life now. Cherish the little happiness you get when you do what you love. Following your passion , trying new things and doing something for your loved ones. The most pure joy is making someone smile . That someone can be you too. You can make yourself smile by doing what gives you joy.

Cherish the beauty around you. The birds, trees, seas, breeze of air, the scenery the moon and the stars the sunshine. Live in the moment keep smiling and loving yourself and everything around you. Cherish your life🌸