And action🎬

A superior man is modest in his speech ,but exceeds in his actions.


Everyone is too concerned with what they are going to do instead of what they are doing.


You don’t have to see the whole staircase ,just take first step .

Martin Luther King Jr.

Hey, visitor ..hope you are doing excellent wherever you are. Lets get to the topic. We have always heard that actions speak louder than words. But we fall for words more often than the action. We believe in words, that is absolutely fine. But , if the words doesn’t matches the action ,then there is no use. We always get hurted if someone left us , because we were falling for their words and not their actions. They were revealing themselves in actions but we fall for words they spoke again and again. We end up hurting ourselves. If someone is loyal, passionate, loving to us we can see it and feel it in there actions.

So , if you don’t want to be blinded by words and get hurted , start seeing the reality in their actions. Many can say but only some can prove and achieve. Saying is not bad at all , but if what said , is just in words and not in actual action and no effort is being taken there to improve , so it is of no use at all. Leave the person if they are just sayers and not doers. No matter how small or big effort should be taken and appreciated . The results won’t be too early but if someone is taking effort to complete the action they said to us in words. It is much appreciated, we should stay with them if they are taking genuine effort , to stay with us, love us.

Some people don’t say , they prove in action . This is other side where the person maybe quite and you feel , oh he /she doesn’t say anything to me like those sweet lies, words, forever thing. But its not good to judge them on words , if their action speaks louder. They will prove to you and put effort in you even without you saying a single word. Look for actions in them . It says it all, about their behavior ,their commitment ,love. Choose wisely, while engaging in people.

Lets talk about goals and our effort in others. We should be doing the same not just saying but doing it actually. To achieve anything money, love, success, we need to consistent in our effort no matter how low we feel someday and we reach to a point it won’t work , or i don’t see any results … if your effort is consistent you will surely get the results. But not when you want it . Results and goals will be achieved when you are ready for it . Universe will give you things only when you are ready for it.

You should dream big there is no harm in that. As you will achieve it someday. But not only dreaming and repeating the words. I will do this ,that will make you achieve, action is mandatory. Remove the word ‘will’ from the dictionary and add’ have’ word to it. If you want to achieve something you have to take action and effort on regular basis. You should have love and compassion for your goals. You should have confidence in yourself that nothing is impossible for me. I can achieve anything i want …if i put my effort and do action to achieve it on daily basis.

Write your goals and take small steps to achieve it. Do something daily that it will take you towards your goal. Once you do it on daily basis ,it will become your habit and you will be more fascinated towards achieving it . As the results will be your dream you wanted to achieve. If you have set time limit for your goals and even if you put effort daily it isn’t achieved. So don’t give up, maybe you are one step closer towards it. Don’t see the staircase just take the steps. Put effort, be consistent. It won’t give you quick results but the results are guaranteed.

When you feel like giving up , think about how long you have came and what made you come here . That is your dreams. And go on…keep the burning desire for your dreams alive and take steps each day.

Change your body language . If you feel sad or you see someone who is always frown. Show them the beauty of life. Tell them how the weather is so good. There is much more good things in life . Tell them to straight their back ,pull their shoulders and smile as big they can . There will be sudden change in their mood. Feeling low confident , just chin up stand straight do a power pose like keeping your hand on waist . And here your mood changes .

Thank you🌸for reading. Much love❤ and healings 🌟 to you.

No worries🌬

Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles . It takes away today’s peace.


Worrying is like sitting on a rocking chair . It gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere.

Emma bombeck

If you can’t do anything about it , don’t worry about it.


99% worries never happens in reality. Overthinking and worrying will take you nowhere…. if you keep worrying you suffer twice. I have seen many people who get panic and start overthinking a lot and end up ruining the day. The scenes and outcome you create in mind are just illusions not the reality. If you keep over thinking at all the time you miss the joy of present and ruin your mental peace. When you overthink you keep repeating worst and negative outcomes. That’s never going to happen.

We have the gift of today , so why waste it in over thinking about tomorrow. You can’t change the things you can’t control. There are lot of things we can’t control like sun rise, flood, all natural calamities, other people’s feelings. They do what they have been taught. So , you can’t control future by thinking or worrying. And instead of worrying about problems , take action and focus on what you can control and change . What are the solutions. Don’t waste your time in overthinking as it won’t take you anywhere. It is just waste of your energy.

You never know what is going to happen tomorrow and you can keep predicting and start worrying today. So , why waste our precious energy in worrying? We have to accept the reality and live in the moment. Living in the present is so much important. Your present will turn into future. The past has gone and you can’t change anything about it and thinking what if this would had happened? And all !! Accept what is infront of you. Its today the precious moment. Worrying about future will take you nowhere . You don’t know what is going to happen in the next moment so why worry about next month ,week , day, year.

Look at the present, stay in the present , focus on what is today infront of you. Instead of worrying and wasting your precious moment , live fearlessly, focus on solutions, think about what you can control instead of what you can’t. Today is your day live it like you want. Do things you want today. Because the world is unpredictable . So don’t waste time in predicting. Love yourself and others in the present moment. Give time to yourself and others. Live in the present ,love in the present, care in the present, think of the present. Today, will be past tomorrow . So make today so memorable that you have no regrets and sadness about pass. Make mistakes , learn the lessons. Try new things . Don’t afraid to fail ,you can control your effort towards success. Don’t worry about what others will think . Ask to yourself what you like , you want let them think what they want . Because you cant control them.

Try to control your thoughts , think about the positive side and solutions . The more you think about negative the more it will affect you. Stop thinking like everything bad is going to happen to you. Make your mindset that you are ready to face any challenge that occurs to you. By focusing on the solutions. Live life to the fullest. The moment you waste worrying and overthinking someone is fighting for that moment to live life on their deathbed . So value time , value present , love today. Stay in today . Every problem has solutions you need to think and look around.

Thank you 🌸for reading. Much love❤ and healings to you.🌟

Celebrating yourself🍷

Document the moment you feel most in love with yourself, what you are wearing ,who you’re around ,what you’re doing. “Recreate and Repeat”


Cherish the way you sparkle🌟


The more you praise and celebrate your life. The more there is in life to celebrate.

Oprah winfrey

We always love to take part in other’s celebration and ya that’s a good thing. I guess in our life many people don’t celebrate enough as they just celebrate on special occasion ex: birthday ,anniversary etc.

We are born in each new day we enter. At night when we sleep in the hope to wake up tomorrow. Its our new birth, each day…new life…so , why shouldn’t we celebrate ourselves each day? Everyday is your birthday . I am not saying to throw a birthday bash or buy something expensive everyday . That’s all material stuff, and the happiness from it doesn’t stay longer. Each day when you get up, look around and be proud and grateful of yourself as you have been gifted a one more day in life. Don’t find special occasions to love yourself. You can celebrate it every day by wearing what you like, doing a bit of self love by pampering yourself with gratitude, being proud, eating what you like, pursuing what you love. Find a me time and do what your heart enjoy the most.

Celebrate each and every small win . You deserve a special treatment by yourself for winning a situation, goal, hardship. If you got a praise celebrate yourself , if you done your work on time celebrate it, if you make someone feel better about themselves celebrate. There are many reasons to celebrate yourself and life. Just have a look around. While taking small steps towards success and achieving them . Celebrate small date with yourself. It can be different to everyone, i celebrate my small wins by treating myself with my favorite food. You can tell yourself that if you accomplished a task no matter how hard it is ,you will gift yourself whatever you like or do whatever your heart says… you can dance , eat , sing, spend a time with loved ones anything. Celebration doesn’t need sparkling and fancy things ,it just needs a feeling of achievement and happiness. You can celebrate with your favorite chocolate though.

Celebrate your body by drinking lots of water,healthy stuff. And keep your gift ready. If you eat healthy for a week , you have achieved a small win and the gift of your effort is you are a healthy person and fit. Think positive, talk positive, keep hoping and take a small step to achieve it. But don’t get overjoyed , you still have a long journey to pass.

There is no need of special occasion to make yourself and your loved one’s feel special. Don’t just let them feel special only on day’s , Valentine’s, mother’s , father’s day and etc. Make them feel wanted and loved all the seasons, years,hours. Not just buying things to them . But expressing how grateful you are to have them in life. By saying how you feel about them. How much you love them. Its not things it’s the words of love,appreciation and kindness . Which makes them feel more special.

Spend time with them gift them time. Because in this hectic world and busy world people don’t have time for their own parents. So , please take out time for them and yourself. Go out on a vacation or cook a meal. People just need words of appreciation from you, if you it every day ,they will go oceans for you. Make them and yourself feel loved. Success won’t come easy but celebrate your wins no matter how small they are. Give a pat to yourself for not giving up. Be proud of yourself . Celebrate others by making them feel loved.

Today , i am celebrating my one month birthday of this blog. And i would like to thanks each and every person in this one month journey. Your words keep me going. Your support is very valuable for me. Toast to one month journey and many more years.

Thank you🌸 for reading. Much love❤ and healings🌟 to you.


Although the world is full of suffering ,it is full also of the overcoming of it .

Helen keller

Sit with the pain ,until it passes , and you will be calmer for the next one.


Be patient and tough ,someday this pain will be useful to you.


Pain is not escape able . We all have to suffer in life. Either it strengthens us or it makes us weak. There are different kinds of pain. Physically,mentally ,emotionally. We can’t escape it. We have to suffer and let it go. Everything happens for a reason. And everything falls in alignment when the right time occurs. The pain is temporary but regret is forever. We have to make decisions in our life or face such things that we have not imagined. At first we don’t understand and blame others for why it happened ,why the person left, why we are surrounded by such circumstances, why problems occur back to back in our life? What is my fault , I am so good why bad things happens to me? Such many more questions occur and we keep crying and stay frustrated. We want to run from the pain but when we decided to run it hurts more and more. There is always hidden pain in our heart. Which has shaken our life. We can’t change it . We faced too many struggles and won too many battles in our life. We have survived the most difficult situations which we thought we couldn’t. These suffering and pains are gift for us if we change our perception. I don’t appreciate physical violence ,its not a gift its a crime. Mental pain makes us stronger as it gives us mechanism to overcome any situation.

We lose many things in our life which were too near to us. But everyone has a role ,they play it and go away. We can’t force anything but accept the reality. Pain makes us stronger day by day. We should never let it harm ourselves. The pain and situation is temporary and if you survive this pain ,you can survive many more things. If we have many problems in our life, we should think it as a gift from god. Because once we heal from pain nothing can hurt us anymore. God gives problems to those people who have strength and capabilities to overcome it. We have to learn from all the situations in our life. As it is there to change our life. And bring a positive change in future. You should never lose hope.

As you all know no pain ,no gain. In order to achieve something we have to trade something. For example , in order to achieve success we have to trade it with hard work and sweat. You have to be strong ,and each and everyday you have to appreciate yourself as you have survived and overcome your pain. Give a pat on your back. You are a brave soul. The most difficult exam is life. There will be many different and difficult questions. Which we don’t know. But we can try to answer and take effort to study and overcome it.

If you don’t fail ,you won’t appreciate success. If your heart wasn’t broken ,you won’t have appreciate love. You just have to take courage and make your self so capable that you could overcome any pain and any situation. The difficult time you overcome ,the pain you suffered everything will be rewarded. You will have the fruit of achievement. Feel the pain , understand that it is for your growth , learn from it. Difficulties are to make you more stronger. You are a brave soul. You have to try hard to win the battle with pain. Pain is just temporary , nothing lasts for lifetime. So , gather strength , appreciate yourself , love yourself ,you have overcome your pain and won the battle. You are more capable of what you think.

Everyone is suffering a battle inside their mind . So , don’t ever hurt anyone on purpose. Don’t give pain to others that you would not want it for yourself. Keep yourself in their shoes and think . Don’t judge anyone ,because you only know the chapter you entered not the whole story. Give yourself time to heal. Give yourself words of affirmation. Give yourself and others the strength and hope. Stand with yourself and others in their difficult times. Every pain has a purpose to make yourself better and to give you strength.

Thank you🌸for reading. Much love ❤and healings 🌟 to you.

One more time💡

One day you are going to wake up and notice that you should have tried once. It was worth fighting for.


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Thomas Edison

We have always heard about the quote , Try ,Try but don’t cry. Yes , at last if we give up too soon we are left with crying and regretting . There is always a memory or past thing in our life ..which we were scared to try just one more time in the fear of failure. And kept regretting in present. For example, Asking a love interest in past to date but we were scared about their answer ,that it will be no and never tried. What if the answer was yes,at that time but you never had the courage to ask? Time and tide waits for no man.

If we want something badly , we have to try for it as hard as possible, as you will never know that when, you was just one step away from your goals but you gave up at last moment. So ,sad ..i once read about a gold digger , he tried to one extent he got a little of gold but gave up ,when he dig up more …but not found nothing . Then the other person asked an engineer and he said he was just a bit away from the treasure of gold. And he regretted that he gave up too soon. He got the lesson of not giving up again and always trying once more.

Whenever we try something ,we want instant results and perfection . The successful people never got success overnight they have sacrificed nights and days , sweat, effort but they never gave up on things they wanted to achieve badly. You know the author of harry Potter was rejected several times . But she kept trying and become the most rich author. It will be hard , we should have a lot of patience and we should be ready to fail.

Failures are the stepping stones to success. When you will try something new it won’t be perfect at first or not at more three tries but it will get perfect when you try again and again , and at each attempt ,you have to find the mistakes you need to correct in the next attempt. You have to learn from your mistake. And not repeat the same mistakes but correcting it.

You also have to take effort in a relationship and try one more time, if you two really want to stay together. Having a deep talk will be the best . Telling what hurts you and understanding which habit of your is hurting them and taking a charge to change is most important .

Even if you didn’t got something you are trying of ,you wont be regretting in future, because at least you tried your level best. You should know where your efforts should be put on. You can’t ask a bird to swim even if he tried hard it won’t succeed. So , knowing your strengths is important , your dreams.

Dare to ask questions and don’t hesitate to receive a no. Even if you don’t ask the answer will be always no. Ask for a raise, keep trying ,one day they will surely consider you . As they will know you are willing to take responsibility . So keep trying , never ever give up on yourself and life. Keep trying towards your goals. Keep bettering yourself. You won’t succeed at first but you will surely succeed one day. Turn the frustration into fire and use it as fuel towards achieving your goals.

Thank you 🌸for reading. Much love❤and healings🌟 to you.


When things inside you change,Things around you changes too.


Change is hard at first ,messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

Robin sharma

Do we like to use the same clothes daily? Do we eat the same type of food daily? Do we try to change daily? No , we don’t use ,eat or try to change our habits daily. But have you ever thought ,when you repeat the same amount of things daily…you get the same amount of results! Your growth is stopped to a limit . We tend to be only in our comfort zone . But you know ,the growth is out of comfort zone. We have to step out of it ,to make the impossible things possible. We have to keep changing ourselves a bit daily. If we repeat the same routine daily ,we will surely make our life boring .

We always tend to change ourselves according to the trends. So why not change ourselves when we step in a new day? A new day is a new start , a new chapter, blank page. You won’t write the same things on the whole book. If you want to control your anger in a day , it won’t happen. You have to take small baby steps daily as you know drops fill the oceans.

Write down on a piece of paper what you want to change in your life and start planning for it. Climb a step each day. Gather courage and be prepared for any situation in life. Any change in life. As when you try to change you will feel frustrated or feel like no , it’s not going to happen i can’t do this. You have to gather courage, Rome wasn’t build in a day. Patience is must . When you change your way of thinking and speaking . It will be hard for you. As your mind won’t be able to break the old habits easily but surely when you repeat the new changes it will turn into a habit.

Change is mandatory in life. Nothing remains constant. Neither we nor others. Our way of feeling also don’t stay for long. The situations also don’t stay permanently. As our body changes its cells daily, why shouldn’t we change ourselves?

To cope up with change you need to be consistent. We have to accept that others will also change according to situations . So stop ,feeling bad for their changed behavior ,we should also change our outlook and move on. You have to love yourself daily and practice self -care to get the habit of loving yourself. Try new things, change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change. There are two sides of coins. Never judge a book by its cover. Change your habits. Think positive and thrash out the negative thoughts. Practice self confidence to be adaptable to change. When you try something new you know it won’t be perfect at first you may fail several times but you have to try and deal with it.

Try to be better at something you are good at. Whenever you feel down change your place . Go for a trip or walk in nature. Whenever you are in stress ,do meditation and clear your thoughts find the most suitable solution for it. Whenever you need a change in life, change your activities ,try something new. If someone wants you to change yourself and if it is for your own benefit you should go ahead. Love yourself more. Take risks , come out of comfort zone and you will be amazed to know the other side of life.

Thank you 🌸for reading. Much love ❤ and healings 🌟 to you.


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The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything you want at the right time.


My grateful heart is a magnet that attracts everything I desire.


Hey , visitor🌟 how you doing . I hope you all are fine. Have you ever thought about the unseen energy that has divine power …yes that is the universe. Universe has an immense power and it heps us to grow and give us the things we desire only if we are ready to take the responsibility of it.

You have a whole universe in your heart and what you truly ask , you shall get. But you have to believe and trust the universe and have patience. We may have got failures ,heartbreaks ,financial crisis ,sufferings ,pains. This all is offered by universe to grow in our life. When the universe takes the best things away from us …it surely gives better things to us . We should have patience. Universe never tries to harm us , if something in our life is taken away from us , the reason is the Universe is trying to protect us from bad things. Universe if closes one door ,it opens hundreds of doors to us. We just have to find it . In every situation there is lesson and we have to understand the lesson or it will repeat again until we understand the lesson. The universe always helps us,it introduces us to situations or people we never thought we could meet . It makes impossible possible.

What you seek is seeking you. What you desire will be yours . You just have to trust the universe and your instincts that is trying to give you messages about the things in your life . The universe in your heart is there to help you. You just have to ask him and trust and listen to him . What your heart says and do it without any hesitation.

When you want something and you dont get it when you desire, it is just because you aren’t ready to receive it. If you seek love ,you have to first love yourself thoroughly than the love will come to you. What’s yours will find you you just have to trust the divine energy’s process. No one will take away what is yours , the true love or any thing you want if it yours , it will find you anyhow. Without even your notice it will come to you at the most unexpected time.

You just have to ask universe to get what you desire with great feeling. If you really want it badly ask, you will get it surely….but it will take time …the universe conspires to give you everything what you want at the right time. Patience is must . We have to wait and even if what we want doesn’t comes to us at present ,it is just because universe has its own timing and it has big plans and better plans for you. So never be afraid of pain, failures, challenges. We have to take bold steps and come out of comfort zone. Every situation is trying to teach us . If your lacking inspiration desire for inspiration . If your lacking love ,desire for love in yourself. If you lacking anything in life desire for the sources to universe to reach our goals.

As you know what sow ,so shall you reap. What you attract ,attracts you. If you hurt someone it will come back to you anyhow. If you loved someone ,the love you given will come back to you at any time you are ready for it. If you do good to others ,it will come back to you surely. So be aware of what you sow. Do good karma ,be kind to yourself as well as others. . You will surely get your rewards. Trust the universe and its timing. Listen to your inner voice.

Thank you 🌸for reading. Much love❤and healings🌟to you.

Honesty .

Truth is like surgery, it hurts but heals.

Lies are like pain killers, it gives instant relief but has side effects.


Characterize people by their actions and you will never be fooled by their words.


Honesty has the power that very few people can handle.


We have always heard that truth is bitter and we don’t like bitter things right? We run away from truth many times just because it will hurt us and we are afraid to get hurted. But what is the point to be an illusion of lies when we know the truth but are not accepting it ? We have to face the truth , I am an brutally honest person i just speak the truth and many people get hurted , being too honest also has an drawback but atleast i don’t give false hopes or lies to people. We don’t accept truth about ourselves too. We know what we are lacking or what our bad habits are ,but still we ignore it and blame it on other people. Hey, no one is perfect everyone has bad habits ,everyone has done mistakes but we tend to ignore or hide it. That’s not going to help you dear ,you can’t just sit on couch and say you will buy an car without doing anything. We have to get up ,gear up for actions and do work . If we have done any mistakes we have to accept it . If we have any bad habits that hurt people we have to take the charge and change it. We have to take risk and come out of comfort zone to make a change.

We should never lie about what you feel about a person . Even if they get hurted ,we have to tell them the truth so they won’t suffer a lifetime. Our one lie can destroy someone’s life. You have to say the truth even if you are alone because lies cannot be hid for a lifetime. We too have to accept the reality and have the courage to hear the truth. If someone is no more in love with us and they say it, even if it is going to hurt us ,we should never give false hopes to ourselves. That they will come back they will love us again , if they did ,they won’t have hurted you right?

We fall for sweet words and lies of others. Some people are so ridiculous that they will lie to us about our looks or clothes, just for others to make fun of us. Many people say a hell lot of things to us ,promises us the moons and stars and disrespect us or treat us worst. We should always see actions of the people ,any one can say anything but few people will perform it. You know actions speak louder than words. If their action doesn’t matches their words Its best to leave them. For our own sake.

When you start to be honest many people will find you rude as you will be straight forward to them . But you should never lie and give false hopes to them . Its better to hurt them with a truth rather than comforting with a lie.

Lies which doesn’t hurt someone or doesn’t affect their life is okay. That’s called sweet lie❤. For example ,if mom cooked us a meal with great efforts and if it tastes not too good . We should see her effort and appreciate her. There was no harm in that . But when the truth is dangerous you have to make the person strong first to listen the truth .so they can handle it. You have say it when the situation is favourable and in a mature manner. Because not every one is strong emotionally ,so find a better way to say it ,so they can handle it.

Thank you❤for reading🌟much love and healings to you🌸


Be such a beautiful soul that people crave for your vibes🌟


Be around people that is good for your soul🌸


You can’t talk butterfly language with caterpillar people🌻


We always crave for food🍕 that is tasty and lip smacking😋 . We always crave for people whom we love❤. But we forget to crave for good vibes only….thing. Lets talk first about yourself. Ask yourself what kind of vibe you want and what kind of vibe you give. Because you attract what you think. No wonder why some people always attract negative people and things , because they are too much negative about themselves. We sometimes say bad things to ourselves or think about the worst scenario we could be in right? If you always be an negative person no one will want to stay beside you. No matter what you say to them , if they don’t feel vibes of what you said to them they are surely going to leave. Vibe is a feeling of love ,goodness,freshness . When you feel it in yourself ,you start spreading those vibes to others. You can take the example of nature. The nature always gives us fresh and good vibes. The sea gives us calm vibes. We surely want to get the inspiration of how our vibes should be from nature. If you always cry ,complain, blame, be jealous , angry .. not only you will make yourself worse but you will make others also the same. So dear ,just feel good about yourself love ,every thing you have and always be grateful . Whenever you get up in morning keep your mind open , breathe ……smile and take a cup of positeavity🌸. Be happy from inside love what you do or do what you love. Take bold steps, be clear what you want from the day, and step into action. At the end of the day ,don’t focus on what bad things happened , focus on the good things . Spread smiles, be a helper and healer for others but first you have to be healer and helper for yourself .

There are many sources to take good vibes from . You can read a book or a quote a day will help you feel good. You know , when you will start feeling good and happy about yourself there will be people with frown faces who will try to dig you down in their negative vibes. So what to do in those situation? You just have to be quiet hear from the one ear and remove it from the other . Because in some scenarios you can’t avoid them. As you can’t talk about positivity or self love to the people who only understand negative language. So don’t waste time on them. Tell yourself good vibes only and don’t argue and have a conversation with bad people. Some people are so positive and calm whenever we go to them with your worries ,they just give you quick solution and their vibe is so good that we forget all our worries . For example , when we spend time with our pet or babies ,they are always laughing and smiling and loving us.

Be around people who are good for your soul. Who make you laugh ,who motivates you , make you love and feel great about yourself. who is honest with you ,who guides you, who supports you, with whom you can have healthy conversation not arguing ,who helps you grow. And be such kind of person to others no matter how you look ,how you dress, how much you earn… vibes matter only. Be around and give such good vibes that people always craves you. Look it is not impossible but to some extent no one have all the good vibes i mentioned. Some people may have healing vibes ,some may have motivating vibes, some may have adventure vibes,some may have loving and some may have strong attitude vibes. So it’s your work ,to choose those people and keep them with you. Choose a person with every category i mentioned and leave those with negative and manipulation vibes ones.

Thank you 🌸for reading. much love❤ and healings 🌟 to you.


It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you if you allow it.


Fear doesn’t stop death ,it stops life.


Mind has the most power on our life. It includes the thoughts we sow and feeds them with water until and unless it becomes into a big grown tree. We almost half of our day live in our mind . We have n no of thoughts . We have both thoughts positive and negative ,the negative thoughts when given the most importance turns into fear. And its human psychology we tend to notice what’s lacking then what is good. We can see negativity and wrong in most of the things rather than the positive aspects.

We tend to over think about a particular subject or situation and repeat it in our mind that it will become reality. We think most worst scenario as possible. And fear if what this happened? Rather than focusing on the reality we focus on the imaginary . We over think so much and end up ruining our mood . We fear for happiness , we have the myth that if we are happy for long we will end up crying or something bad is going to happen. We give our fear the power that it makes us stunt our growth. We try to run from our fears and end up regretting it in our life. We try to run from our thoughts too . We have to face our thoughts and fear , we have to learn that why it occurs and if it occurs we have to command our brain that what you are thinking is not going to happen. Whenever a negative thought passes on just think it is just a thought and it has no power to you . Thoughts are not reality . So chill.

When we give power to a particular thought it will constantly affect us . Sometimes it is not the reality but our own illusions which stops us from doing a thing. Like public speaking , we don’t fear because we don’t know to speak , we fear because we have seen many people fear for doing it. We take their sickness to us. Fear is also like virus ,it is passed from one person to another. Don’t let your mind control have the control on your mind. Don’t let fear stop you. Remember that when you think a particular thought throughout the day it multiplies and makes your belief . Have you ever noticed when you are watching someone drowning in a pool on tv and they are having shortness of breathe you too feel the same like the person , as if you are in their place.

Don’t let someones else fear affect you. What you input in your mind is important. Your fear is just an illusions you are much more than that. You are stronger than your fear. You have the control over mind. You allow which thought are worthy to stay and which are thrash. If you will keep fearing of future you will never live your present. Until and unless you won’t face your fear it will keep growing . It just needs a courage and strength to face it. I swear it won’t be easy but it is not that difficult too. It depends on perception . The same thing has different image in mind. We use knife to chop vegetables and the same knife is used as a weapon of murderer. So we don’t keep fearing knife and don’t use it. Right?

We fear that what if someone will leave us. Than we keep thinking about the same thing and end up attracting them. You know the law of attraction what you think you attract. So why not face our fear and have the belief that we can overcome any situation we are into. We never thought we will face this pandemic , but we are here overcoming our fear and standing strong. The fear remains in our mind most people are so much scared that they end up ill just thinking of illness. The illness doesn’t have that much power to harm you as much your thoughts. We should have a strong will power. And a strong belief about overcoming and facing difficult situations in our life. We have to trust ourselves. Never give your mind the power to control you.

Thank you 🌸for reading, much love❤and healings to you.