Knowing is not enough💁‍♀️; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do⭐

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. The quote mentioned is truth of life , everyone there come out of your imaginary world where you all have achieved many things and stay in dreams. It’s time to wake up from it and face the reality. Yes , of course you can dream whatever you want there is no harm in that but just dreaming about it won’t take you to your goals. If you want to achieve something you have to act on it, put your efforts . As the quote says wishing is not enough, we must do.

The other part where the quote says is that knowing is not enough we must apply. As we all know many things we preach others to behave in such a way. But do we apply? We tell people this is good things , this is bad things but in reality do we behave the way we preach? Ask yourself, this question get to know about it. Would you ever believe someone who just talk and preach things to others but not apply it! The answer is not at all. What will you make others believe that you are true to your values and what you know you apply it. If you know and you still don’t apply it then you should not keep complaining on others or luck if other people are going ahead of you. You can’t say you also know the things that other person knows but why that person is ahead of me ? The difference is that knowing is not enough you must apply it.

The advice you give to your best friend. Do give to yourself too and apply it. If your best friend is in toxic abusive relationship but just because your best friend loves them you won’t advice them to stay in that relationship. If you won’t advice her why would you advice yourself? You tell others to accept them as they are and love themselves, you say others don’t give up and keep trying one day you will succeed. Why don’t you advice yourself and apply it in your life.

There are so many things we know and we wish but sitting on a couch and not making a difference to achieve it is unworthy. We all know that what is right but only knowing that won’t help . We have to take stand for ourselves and what is right. People don’t value those people who who just speak and don’t act, they value those who keep their word and act accordingly.

Thank you 💕for reading. Much love ❤and healings to you. Feel free to share your thoughts . Your thoughts are valuable for me.

Don’t forget while you are doubting 🥀your self ,someone is admiring your strength🌹

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great . Hope you all are healthy and fine. The quote in the title is very powerful in the times of self doubt. We all are struggling a unsung or secret battles beneath us. Some are said to others and other’s are just inside you. Suffering in silence and doubting yourself. The people who wins always or never lose and who seems to appear happy all the time and display’s great confidence is deep inside doubting themselves.

For instance , when we see strangers we admire them and compare with ourselves if a girl is wearing a specs and walking we will say oh she looks so good in specs i wish i was beautiful as her . On the opposite side she is looking at you and thinking oh wow she is beautiful i wish i was beautiful as her but i got specs which makes me look worse. As you saw the other person is admiring you while you are doubting yourself. People may stare at you and maybe admire you but what you see is that they are making fun of you in their mind because you are doubting yourself always and saying see they maybe also making fun of me because of my specs i know i look bad with them. You should never doubt yourself whatever you are you are rare and beautiful in your own way. Don’t look at the world with negative specs on.

Same goes with the inner feelings you keep doubting yourself even when you come first in a competition that no i don’t deserve this i should have done more, this was a bad performance. While people below you is always admiring you and getting inspired like how you manage to win it all the time . How you play ,work put efforts. When in bad times you keep admiring others who are not facing the same problems as you. The others should also admire that you are quite lucky to not go through that problem. And the problems you are facing right now how you act and manage and endure strength don’t doubt yourself. Someone somewhere is watching you and admiring that no matter how difficult the situation is you always try to solve it and never give up.

You should be proud of yourself for being able to stay calm and do what you like . You should always pat yourself for the effort you put. The way you are is an inspiration for others. If you will doubt yourself, your admirer will do so . Because you are inspiring them. It doesn’t mean you should always pretend to be happy or whatsoever you are allowed to rest and slow down a little in life but not allowed to doubt yourself. You can’t do always everything perfectly nor you will give 1000 % everyday. Your body requires rest and your mind too. If you don’t get a good idea or find solution one day don’t start doubting yourself how my mind is not working i am loser . The way you talk to yourself is the most that matters. That is what reflects your energy and vibrations.

Thank you ❤so much for reading . Much strength, love and healings ⭐to you. Tell me how you felt about my post, your thoughts are precious for me.

Always give💕 without remembering and receive without forgetting❤.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. I hope you all be blessed with abundance happiness and health. Today’s topic is very important in our life. The art of giving is very important but not only giving it is also important to not remember what you give because as we give someone we have a feeling of expectations from them . As everyone is not similar in any terms always. Their behavior might not same as you, some people only know how to receive instead of giving. But that’s okay , if you do something for someone just do it with your whole heart and not for the expectations of getting back what you give.

Not everyone will reciprocate your actions. Don’t hold grudges or feel sad if someone doesn’t do or treat you the same way you did. What you give is your behavior and how they receive and not give back is their behavior. Don’t be toxic while in the giving process. Once you gave someone just forget it don’t remember and don’t tell them afterwards what you did for them because it’s just a waste of time and energy. If they really felt the way to give you back and show their love they would have done it in the first place. People actions towards you tell us how they feel about you, don’t fall for words. If you keep thinking how much you done for them and they didn’t valued you and you will set your mind to that level i will also do the same. If they don’t do this to me , i won’t do for them. You are not teaching them a lesson but making yourself toxic by keeping expectations and getting hurt by yourself. You should give it wholeheartedly and without expecting anything or the same in return.

Everyone has a different way of expressing love. The type you like to Express won’t be the first choice of others. So , know how the person expresses their love for you. Appreciate what you receive and never forget what you get. You should always be grateful for that . And try to give back with zero expectations and whole heartedly. Don’t do the same what they did , do the way you like to Express love. Tell them you are grateful for what you received from them and appreciate it. You can also tell the way you like to Express your love for them.

If you have ever felt disappointed or heartbroken while not getting what you gave in return. You should always remember that what goes around comes around. If you ever gave kindness, love anything to a person and never received back from them , you will surely get what you gave maybe not from the same person but from a stranger. And you will remember that the art of giving is far more better than the art of getting. You will surely get what you give . Just keep spreading kindness, love , happiness without expectations and do it whole heartedly. And if someone has gave you same love ,kindness always remember it and give it back by spreading it to whoever needs it. Ask them to do the same for someone in future.

Here’s a quote for you; “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ―Pablo Picasso

Thank you❤ so much for reading . MUCH LOVE AND HEALINGS TO YOU ⭐. Tell me in the comments section if you loved the post. Your thoughts are much more welcome.

You do not find the happy life you make it.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great and all are healthy and safe. Despite the pandemic and it’s worsening factor we all are waiting for a hope to find happy life. I don’t understand why people look around for happiness when you can create on your own.

Everyone has different perceptions for happiness. Mostly people find happiness in materialistic things or they think they will be happy only if they have a particular person in their life even if the person doesn’t want to be in their life. They try all the possible ways to achieve them or to say grab them. Feelings are natural but it doesn’t mean what we feel for the person he will feel the same.

Happiness is an inner quality. If you want to be happy all time it is possible as happiness doesn’t mean all smiles and good things. Happiness comes from within , the way we think , the way we approach people, the way we care about ourselves, how we react to difficulties in life and despite all this what we have is enough for now and for getting more you will work hard and get it. In sad times you can choose to be sad for a while as it’s an emotion and it’s absolutely okay to cry . But after a while when you still keep thinking and frowning your face that’s where you choose a miserable life.

Happiness is not how much we have but how much we enjoy in what we have. Being present in the moment is great happiness. Thinking about past and future you are creating unhappy life for you. Circumstances can make you unhappy for sure but if you have a challenger’s outlook you won’t keep crying over it all the time. Instead you will take it as a challenge and create happy life out of it.

Expectations are the kill joy of happiness. You can’t keep always expecting from others to be a certain way as you think of them. Not to expect too much from anyone. Being realistic and accepting the situation and acting towards making a happy life out of it. A smile is the thing which you will find right under you nose. You can create a happy life by doing what you love without being worried about what others will think. Taking criticism negativity and waiting for people’s validation won’t help you. Staying around people who makes you laugh until your stomach aches. Looking around the nature and appreciating it’s beauty.

There is nothing like a happy life is waiting for you to come their it’s all about creating a happy life for yourself. Here’s a great quote for you.

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”– Denis Waitley

Thank you🌸 for reading. Much love❤ and healings ⭐to you. Let me know about your precious opinion about this post. If you have any suggestions for topics do write in comment section.

Waiting for the one💜 person to change your life😍

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. We all want that one person who we think will change our life. Who will bring happiness, love,stability to our life. Who will care for us ,love us and calm us. The idea of the one person seems appealing to everyone. It’s natural to feel so. But some people trade their sanity just to be with the one person whom we love or we think who loves us. They may love you at first , as the time changes , people also changes, their behavior might change towards us many things. You will have to trade your mental peace just to deal with conflicts, make them feel wanted ,loved and give them all your attention.

There are some people out there who have the one in their life. With whom they are not because they just love each other or just because it’s their void in life they wanted to fill. They are there because they bring happiness to each other equally ,they bring mental peace and add happiness to their life . They stay with them and help each other grow as individual and as a couple. They understand each other on a deeper level. They are soul mates . They do fight but they understand that it’s just a part of life ,not everytime will be same ,they come together and find solutions to the problem rather than complaining .

The one person we all want is special as we term them because we demand and give undivided attention, love ,care ,time to them. We say that they got their one so easily they are so perfect, we are here with either with someone wrong or just because everyone has the one to show off so we should also have the one. Some says people get their soulmates at very young age i am growing older and i can’t find the one. I think it’s part of life no one gets early or late every one is going their own race of life and in own pace. If you don’t have the one don’t start self pitying yourself. Or if you are with the wrong one just hold on and leave that person. Remove that Toxic person, they will try to make you feel guilty but it’s definitely ok to secure your self worth, respect and sanity. If you won’t get out of the abusive or toxic relationship how would you find the one ? . You have to make space for them. If you are really in love with and still have a toxic relationship just have a honest conversation and try to find out solutions for it. If you are ready to change and fight for your relationship it is worth. If it doesn’t work get out of it.

You all will get the one special person in your life who will change the way you look at life and who won’t be the reason of your happiness but who will add more happiness to your happy life. Who won’t change you for them , who won’t love you but add love to your already self loved life. Who won’t add problems or cause pain and insanity to you. Who will add patience, calm and stability to your already fulfilled life . As i mentioned who will add to your already happy life, don’t wait for someone to love yourself or fill any void or be your better half. You are already full of happiness, love and charm. You have to first be the one who will change your life by loving yourself, caring for yourself ,bringing sanity,patience in your life. Then you will surely find better person who also love themselves and add love to your life. You are the one who can change your life . The one will appreciate and add to your already fulfilled life . So , first be the one who loves you and don’t depend on others to bring you love ,happiness, appreciate or self worth. Keeping yourself happy and content is your responsibility not theirs in the first place. I hope you all will love yourself first then find someone who will add. Heal yourself, don’t wait someone will come and heal you.

Thank you for reading💕. Much love ❤and healings⭐ to you

Living in the moment 🌌

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. We all worry about the future and regret past . We trade our present for this and don’t live in the moment. Whenever we do something in present we mostly have worries, stress and future anxiety in our mind. Which means we don’t stay in the moment. We miss the joy of life , worries won’t go away it will appear again and again. It doesn’t mean we should give it more importance. We lose our sanity and doesn’t enjoy now. Yesterday is the past , tomorrow we haven’t saw , today is the present which we should not waste but enjoy every bit of it.

It is difficult to live in present due to hectic life and stress. There are ways and exercise to practice mindfulness . Breathing is the best way to stay in the present. We should always remember that today is valuable, life is not yesterday or tomorrow it’s now. If you trade your now with past or future worry you won’t live your life to the fullest .

Try or learn to live in the moment, enjoy now be happy now, love now . Do whatever your heart says now. Living in the moment is beautiful. Enjoy the peace feeling of now. Make your decision now and act upon it . Don’t wait for tomorrow or perfect time. Say everything you want to now. Love yourself now. Practice gratitude now.

Thank you for reading🌸 . Much love 💕and healings to you ❤

Life lessons 🥀

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. Yesterday i turned 20 and as we know it is end of teenage years. As we come in our 20’s there are lot of thing’s which we have to experience ,face and accept. There is a whole lot of responsibility. Teenage was pretty confusing about all the matters. Pretty good things happens and bad one’s too. These age are turning points of life. As we are forced to come out of our comfort zone .

I would like to share my 20 life lessons till now.

1. Keep trying: Try try but don’t cry , this is the most important lesson of life. Whatever the result will be you should always keep trying. One day you will surely succeed and get better.

2. Nothing is permanent: Not people ,not things, success, happiness, sadness. We have to accept that and not judge any temporary situation and take drastic change.

3. Don’t strive to be perfect in everything you will get disappointed by yourself.

4. Control your anger it is your own enemy.

5. If you can’t help yourself don’t expect others to do it.

6. Not always people will behave according to your expectations, don’t try to manage their behavior manage your expectations.

7. It’s okay to not to feel okay.

8. Be grateful for what you have , there are people who got more problems and are less accessible to what you have.

9. Don’t expect what you give to others, not everyone is like you.

10. Health is wealth, even if you have money it doesn’t matter because if you don’t have health money is just piece of paper.

11. Follow your goals and passion, do what you love and heart says.

12. Be kind to yourself and others. What goes around comes around.

13. Make yourself happy even if no one makes you. You are the only person who is with you till the end.

14. Don’t take criticism negatively, if there is area of improvement do it.

15. Your own relatives and near ones will hurt you in unexpected manners. Don’t make yourself feel you aren’t worth enough. It’s their own insecurities and toxic behavior.

16. Accept your fault, forgive others even if they don’t ask for your apology and move on.

17. Everyday is new day, it’s never too late to begin or change.

18. Mental health is important. Practice meditations and let go of the negative thoughts. They won’t go away if you keep worrying. Just go with the flow.

19. Love yourself, care for yourself, stand for yourself. But don’t get too much self centered that you don’t see anyone else.

20. Keep learning new things, be bold and accept every challenge and take it as a opportunity. Focus on solutions rather than problems and why it happened to me . Work hard and then only you will get success. Don’t use shortcuts because it may seem easy but it won’t last long. Be true to yourself.

I would like to hear your life lessons too. If any, do share. Thank you for reading. Much love and healings to you.

Trust in the universe 🌌

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great and happy spring season to all. The spring season is so fresh as it makes everything bloom . The sun shines high and makes everything sparkle. As new season occurs it brings us new things and new life. We get many opportunities to bloom. It is just that we need to keep calm and trying. Leaving all the past behind. Forgetting and forgiving is the starting stage. Then not letting anyone affect you by their behavior. Learning to say no and yes to yourself.

Everything we desire and deserves is already there for us. We just have to wait for the right time and trust the universe that whatever happens , it happens for good only. In order to align with universe , we also need to understand the signs and act accordingly which universe gives us every time. We have to seek in our heart deep and know what we want in life. Leave yourself to the universe don’t worry and don’t keep complaining, face everything and try harder to get want you want. Do anything but with whole soul and heart. If you do half heartedly it won’t stay for longer. Learn from your mistakes don’t keep repeating. As you know once a mistake, second time it’s a choice.

To get into new chapter of your life, get rid of negativity and old grudges. Learn the lesson and move on. See each day as a new day. Share smiles with people make them happy. Help others, love them and surely it will come back to you in a very unexpected way. Love yourself ❤

Thank you 🌸for reading. Much love❤ and healings💫 to you.

Something is always left behind💁‍♀️ , you can’t get everything at once🤷‍♀️.

Hey,visitors hope you all are doing great. Today’s topic is very important as well as harsh truth which we tend to not accept. We always want to be happy and make people happy whom we love. Its natural tendency to feel so. But wait , you can’t make everyone happy all the time. If you try to make them happy by doing what you don’t want to. You are making yourself unhappy. We have a bunch of people whom we try to please just to get attention , love and appreciation. When we do something different which they don’t like , they get hurt and feel offended. They will try to make you feel guilty for choosing your own happiness over their expectations. Not every person you will meet will like you. Not everyone will see the good in you. Not everyone will appreciate you all the time. It’s reality, even we don’t like everyone we meet. We all are quick to judge when we don’t know the other person personally. Same people judge us and have misconceptions about us but you can’t keep telling and proving everyone that you are good person . If they want to believe they will, if they don’t how much you try to please them they won’t replace their judgment of yours which they had in the first impression.

Life is all about choices, and with that choices you create your future. If you choose yourself then you will upset many people who has expectations from you. Vice versa you will also get upset when your near and dear ones don’t behave as per your expectations. When you say yes to one thing at the same time you are saying no to other. You can’t have everything thing at once . Even if you try to do it , you won’t be on either any side . You can’t be happy at the same time you are sad. Something in life is always going to be left behind. It’s your decision what is worth saying yes for and what is not. There are always two choices maybe you will have good and better because there is nothing bad. It’s just good and better. So , you need to analyze and take time to know what is better for you.

Don’t afraid to make people upset when you choose yourself. There is always something left behind make sure you don’t leave yourself behind just to make everyone happy. Choose wisely and be bold in your decisions.

Thank you🌸 for reading. Much love❤ and healings 💫to you.

Don’t take criticism from the people you wont take advice from.

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. We all take negative comments, criticism from the people we know and we don’t know.we tend to get upset more easily from the criticism and take it more personally and doubt our self worth. There are many people who wont appreciate but judge and criticize us even though we have done a great job and tried our best. Its not our unworthiness but their insecurities which they tend to hide and not accept. There are some people who thinks no one is better than themselves or if some one is they will start to spread bad things and project them negative in other people ‘s mind. there is nothing wrong with you , its wrong with the people who can’t accept failure, rejections or someone doing better than them. But we humans get hurted with the criticism from the people ,Whom you wont go for advice. why to entertain such criticisms from negative people. You won’t go to ask about cooking to an engineer or vice versa. So why would you take criticism from the people who dont know you, who dont know about your profession ,talent and worth. deaf yourself from such people who cant appreciate you or just keep demotivating and saying that how you are a loser . Ask yourself before taking criticism from anyone these questions. Is this person mature enough to understand, does this person have any sort of knowledge about what he is criticizing you, does he know you well , do he know about your capabilities, weaknesses, is this person successful in what he does, lastly would i go for an advice to him ? if the answer is no just deaf yourself to him about whatever he says. The positive side of criticism is that there is growth for improvement . But the criticism should be taken from the people who knows you deeply,who has knowledge about that topic and who genuinely cares for you. in short take criticism from people whom you can rely for advice from. THANK YOU AND MUCH LOVE AND HEALINGS . SAKSHI SHINDE

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