The wound is not our fault but healing is our responsibility 🌠

Hey ,visitors hope you all are doing great. We get hurt many times from many people, mostly from our near ones and which hurts us more. The people who hurt us are also one who has not being healed. It is not appropriate to hurt others if we have been suffering. We do this many times we remove our frustration on other people who don’t deserve it. Sometimes it is not our fault if someone hurts us, we don’t deserve such kind of treatment. But if they were to heal themselves from their wounds they won’t bleed on others. As they know how it feels to be hurted.

After all the wound we got is not our fault always, but it is our responsibility to heal. The person who hurted you can’t heal you. And being angry on them or hurting yourself will make worse of you . They won’t care at all. If someone hurted you make them realize they did wrong to you. But don’t waste time by explaining them how wrong are they. It will hurt you more. Some people won’t accept their faults at any cost.

Healing is your responsibility, you are stronger than you think. Holding grudges won’t make them worse it will only make you worse. I am not saying be a victim and let them treat you the way they want. Wrong is wrong. Just forgive yourself for trusting them , forgive them before sleeping. It will help you in healing. Face your fears, don’t waste time on watering the dead plant. Forgiving may be difficult but is very helpful. Take your time, heal yourself, forgive them and move on.

Close their chapter take the lesson from the wound. Don’t repeat the same mistakes again. Healing doesn’t only means to forgive but taking harsh steps or difficult steps to move on. You can’t be with a person who treats you ill just because you love them. It may be difficult to remove them from your life. But it is necessary, if you can’t get rid of them ignore them. Your mental peace is more important than anything. Always remember the person who hurts you is not healed because healed people don’t hurt others. So , wish them happiness forgive them and send them healings. Get rid of grudges and move on in life. Nothing stops for anyone. Life goes on. Don’t wait for anyone to come and heal you. It is your responsibility.

Thank you for reading.❤ Much love and healings to you. 🌼

Published by sakshi shinde

A soul who is eager to inspire you and relate to you so that you won't feel alone

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