You can’t talk butterfly🦋 language to Caterpillar🐛 people.

Hey, visitors hope you are doing great. We often waste our energy in giving explanations to the people who don’t want to or doesn’t understand our language. Language in the sense reality or our feelings. Expressing yourself to the people who don’t give a damn about you, is merely a waste of time and energy.

When we say what we feel ,people will just ignore or start to make excuses about how we are wrong. When others don’t understand us or even if they can understand they don’t want to support us, is very heart breaking. You should know where your secrets,sorrows,pain,happiness should be conveyed. Not all will understand and not all will be happy or sad. Some may feel happy knowing you got problems. We can’t keep everything to ourselves but knowing whom to share is very important.

We often make arguments with people who don’t want to accept reality and their mistakes. But arguing with them is just a waste of time. Because they are deaf to what is true or we want to say ,they believe in their own pretty lies. You can’t expect love from people who hates you, care from people who don’t. Some people will understand our silence and some after saying thousand words won’t understand us, because they don’t want to.

It is necessary to know whom you choose to be around. Your people have huge impact on your mental well being. You don’t have to trust their words but their actions. People will show their love towards you in their actions. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone who doesn’t understands your love or you. It is just like talking butterfly language to Caterpillar people. Caterpillar people will only understand and listen to what they think is right according to them. They will shook of the reality and make pile of false illusions. Your energy is too precious don’t waste it on unworthy people.

Thank you for reading❤. Much love and healings🌼 to you.

Published by sakshi shinde

A soul who is eager to inspire you and relate to you so that you won't feel alone

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