Motivating yourself 💁‍♀️

Hey, visitors hope you all are doing great. We all have goals and dreams ,we have to do our work and daily stuff. There are times when we are energetic and excited, other times we are just demotivated and wait someone to come and give us Motivation. We often give excuses and say no i don’t feel like doing, i won’t be good , no one encourages me and many more.

When we listen or read some Motivation stuff we feel positive and seems like we could do anything or any stuff in life. Until and unless we reach to take up the initiative and start the work , we set high goals for oneself and ugh we are demotivated again. We say lets do this tomorrow. The tomorrow never comes. It’s easy to get demotivated.

You know what no power of this world can keep you motivated or make you do work. It’s you and only you, these Motivation stuff will only help to change your thinking and guide you. But it’s you who can use it and make things happen. No one come and make you do work .

Here’s some tips to keep yourself motivated .

📃Plan your day ahead. 💁‍♀️Do the most difficult work first . 🏃‍♂️Take a small step each day to reach to your goals. Don’t just say ,make things happen. 🏆Know what results and rewards will you get for finishing this stuff. 🦸‍♀️Find a personality which attracts you the most. Whom you can keep as role model. Do research about them and how they are successful now ,what they had to go through. Follow their guidance and achieve your goals. 🌼Always remind yourself what results you want to achieve and for that you have to take actions right now. 💁‍♀️Prioritize your life, it’s okay to say no . You won’t always feel motivated and positive but still you have to make things done. ♥️Listen to great podcasts, read books,articles coz knowledge won’t get wasted.

Thank you❤ for reading, much love🌸 and healings🌼 to you.

Published by sakshi shinde

A soul who is eager to inspire you and relate to you so that you won't feel alone

6 thoughts on “Motivating yourself 💁‍♀️

  1. getting yourself into the right mindset can always be a challenge, I find it so easy to drop back into bad habits, I have been sliding recently. I do need a big kick to motivate myself again. Your article is inspiring me. Thanks.


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