Do not get upset with people or situations ,both are powerless without your reaction.


How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged


Yes , every situation is powerless without your reaction. You can’t control people or situations but you can surely control the way you react to it. Some people are short tempered they are impulsive… they react too fast without thinking about the consequences and later on regret to it. There are so many toxic people who try to brag you down or enrage you but if you don’t react to their criticism or don’t get hurted they feel more angered as they expected us to react in a negative way. But when you choose to be calm you win.

Not every situation needs your reaction. If you reacted to each and every person or situation in an negative way you won’t live in peace. People don’t hurt you because you are wrong they hurt you because they are not healed and still bleeding inside. Because sane people don’t keep on hurting.

Think before you react analyze the situation ask yourself is it worthy to spend my energy on this person by reacting to him when he isn’t ready to understand what i am going to say. What if i reacted the other way will it change the outcome? If someone is getting angry on you and when you too get angry on them there is not outcome rather than hurting and getting hurted. You choose the outcome of any situation , people and situations are powerless without your reaction.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where people are irritating you, insulting you, teasing you …their main motive is you should react but what if you don’t give their words the power to harm you. Just say i know what i am and i don’t need to prove it to anyone. Even dogs bark for attention , i don’t have energy to waste on such idiotic situation. Their opinions doesn’t pay your bills right? So, why to allow them in your life to hurt you.

They will speak what they think of you , or out of jealousy they will try to brag you down. You have to think of both the reactions and their outcomes ..what the negative reaction will bring is hurt, hatred, regret and what the positive reaction will bring .. good outcome, patience, growth and maturity. I know our reactions are quick when someone tries to enrage us…but do their sayings will change the reality of you..? They know the chapter they entered not the whole story.

Imagine if you will keep reacting to toxic people you will also become one of them . So , don’t let their actions affect you. Change your perspective. Every situation has good side and bad side in it. If you fail one time,second time people will start to taunt you,make fun of you…and you will think that you are incapable and loser and you won’t try ever again. This is negative side but on the contrary if you kept your ears closed for their words like ignoring them or taking their criticism as a challenge and trying much harder to get what you want because you know you are much capable then their low thinking.

You have to react both ways depending on situations… if someone is really trying to say many bad things to you or spreading lies you have to react to them in thoughtful manner . Not by getting angry. Ask them to stop what they are doing or saying. Tell them what they are doing is absolutely not acceptable …don’t harm them let the karma teach them a lesson . Just say their is always an equal and opposite reaction of what you do. What comes around goes around. Don’t fall at their low level of understanding…if you behaved the same their won’t be any difference between you and them . If You choose to react positively by avoiding and ignoring and using healing words. Just tell them i know you are hurt and ask them would it make them great if they keep insulting and spreading negativity around ? Say them may god heal you and move on. Don’t waste your energy on unnecessary situation or people. Try to practice calmness . It won’t be easy but it is not that difficult.

Thank you 🌸for reading. Much love ❤ and healings 🌟 to you.

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