A compliment is a verbal sunshineğŸŒž

Robert Orben

Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless🌊

Mother Teresa

“You look happier” is one of the best compliments you can receive in life.


Hey 🌟visitor! Hope you are having an excellent day. Compliments have an huge impact on our well being . Who doesn’t like to receive compliments ? Right! But most people think compliments are to be given on physical appearance only. That is totally wrong . Remember, when was the last time someone told you that you look happier ? Complementing on someone’s physical appearance is ok. But you should also compliment others on the basis of their soul,kindness, behavior, smile, the way they care , love ,intelligence ….and many more.

Your single compliment can make someone’s bad mood to great mood. It can make their day. Why shouldn’t we appreciate others and compliment them if we find something beautiful about them not just physically but internally. Spread compliments like confetti..ğŸ’ž because compliments are absolutely free, it gives positive vibes , it makes others and us feel great about oneself. Everyone is unique and we should admire ours and theirs uniqueness. It won’t make you feel inferior if you don’t have those attributes ,it won’t make you ugly if you compliment their uniqueness. It will just make you kinder, wiser and most loving person.

In this world of constant competition , and selfishness . People are so blinded by competition and getting better than others they are losing their own self and getting jealous about others and feeling inferior. Always remember you are only your own competition and no one else. You have to be better than yourself. If you find something beautiful in someone say it , even if it’s stranger. Empower others. Don’t try to pull others down , hating others won’t make you prettier. You know the thought what you sow shall you reap. If you want love sow love in others. It is not always about receiving but also about giving. Tell others if they are happier, tell them you are proud of them ,tell that they got the unique feature, tell them they are lovable, compliment them when they care for you. Not just on special occasion like birthday, Valentine’s, mother’s day, father’s day,children’s day. But everyday…. and look how much they will feel happy and will make you even happier. When you compliment your spouse /mother for their help ,how great they look,how kind they are ,how much they matters. They will cook something special to you or do what you like. So why wait for special occasions , compliment everyday for their support and love.

It is not just about complimenting others but complimenting yourself on a daily basis. As how far you came, how you are trying to get better, how you achieved something with hard work, how proud are you about yourself and many more things. Even if no one compliments you,you can do it yourself and then you won’t need to be emotionally dependent on someone for complimenting you and making you feel special. You are full of self love and you can spread your kindness and love without feeling inferior. Everyone is unique so there is no competition. We should help and stand together not divided. I don’t know you but i would like to compliment you ….you are lovable,you are stronger, you are capable ,you are beautiful, you have a beautiful soul, you are kind, you are deserving and i am proud of you.❤

Thank you🌸 for reading. Much love ❤ and healings 🌟 to you.

9 thoughts on “Compliments😻

  1. That’s an excellent point you make at end Sakshi! Be kind to yourself so you don’t feel need to have someone else do it for you. Universal compassion has to include the self – otherwise it’s not universal. Thanks again.

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  2. Such a beautiful article Sakshi! Loved it to bits. Spread compliments like confetti, that’s so easy to do yet people don’t indulge in it on a normal basis. I try to compliment people as much as I can as I love their happy reactions to it. It’s just a small way of spreading positive vibes.

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