Being Flawsome😍

Once you have accepted your flaws no one can use them against you.

George. R.Martin

Embrace being perfectly imperfect ,Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself ,you will be happier.

Roy Bennett

Hey, visitor🌟 hope you are having an excellent day. Being awesome is good. But being Flawsome is much better. Flawsome is nothing else but an individual who has accepted his flaws and embrace it.

In this pretty glamorous world ,where people tend to hide their flaws and use many things to make it look perfect. In this world where people are constantly trying to being perfect and doing everything according to the standards set by the societies and falling for their criticism about flaws….many people have lost there own self in order to being that mr perfect or miss perfect in everything.

Hey, sweetie ! There is no one in this world who is perfect. Everyone has flaws. People tend to hide it under insecurities and pretend someone they are not to be. Stop doing that. You are imperfectly perfect. You have to accept your flaws and make them your friends as you accept them no one can use them against you. Embrace your body,look , scars, wounds ,size everything you have. These are your gift..the way you look doesn’t matter much , the way you accept and see yourself ,love yourself and others ,your kindness, is all that matters. When you accept your flaws it may be, the way you look, the color ,the scars , the hurt you endured , the mistakes you done and learned from it…. no one can use it against you .. their criticism wont affect you ,their teasing won’t affect you. When you accept yourself wholly and soulfully nothing will matter, nothing will affect you. As you won’t give anyone the power to judge and disrespect you.

No one is perfect everyone has flaws , but if you hide it or try to perfect it , it will harm you in long term. Be real, show the world the real you. Dress as you like , look as you want, carry your flaws confidently , show your real self to others, the behavior ,how you feel , what are your strengths , what you don’t know, the mistakes you made ,the hurt you have. Everything show them you real self.

The ones who are really in love with you and who cares for you will accept you as you are and will support and love you unconditionally. Don’t try to change yourself into someone you are not comfortable in or you just do to pretend for others. When you tend to pretend for a temporary period to impress others… you will feel good but once the other person knows your flaws and you were lying to them they will surely leave you . And you would do the same if someone lies to you. Try to accept yourself and others as they are with their flaws. Embrace it. The real ones will stay in your life and the fake ones will leave.

Impress yourself daily by being and showing the real you. The flaws you have , carry it with confidence so no one can use it against you. Accept your mistakes, forgive yourself , love yourself just the way you are. Never judge a book by its cover. Never judge someone by their looks. Look for their flaws and ask them to accept them and make them feel loved with all their flaws. You can change your behavior if that is your flaw. But be real you don’t try to be perfect as there is nothing like perfection. Be proud to be imperfectly perfect and you are Flawsome that way .

Thank you🌸 for reading. Much love ❤ and healings 🌟 to you.

11 thoughts on “Being Flawsome😍

  1. Embrace you!
    Embrace your gifts!
    Unique…one and only you!

    At 47, I have finally learned to love and embrace myself, flaws and all.
    What I once thought were flaws, the parts of me I hadn’t loved as much as they needed to be, I now realize are some of the greatest gifts I’ve been given!

    We are created perfect in His image 🙂

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  2. Such a wonderful word coined by you, “Flawsome”. I had watched the movie “You can heal your life” where I was deeply connected with the idea of “loving ourselves”. The movie propagates the best solution to any worry in life is to accept and love ourselves. It just simplifies this mystery called life just like you’ve done in your post. Great read, thanks for sharing.

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