In- dependent🌟

People aren’t always going to be there for you, that’s why you need to learn to handle things on your own.


If you live by their compliments then you will die from their criticism.


In order to realize our true self we must be willing to live without being dependent on the opinion of others.

Bruce Lee

You know what freedom feels like… when we don’t depend on anyone anymore only on ourselves. Being dependent when we were kids was a process , in order to grow we have to own up for things and try things without depending on others.

Dependency is okay .. we can’t be an emotionless person. But being over dependent is toxic for ourselves and even others. We won’t ever grow if we keep depending on others to do our things. We won’t ever learn to do things. When we depend on someone , it becomes our habit and it is difficult to break that. When the person isn’t available we become panicked and helpless and harm ourselves. Asking for help to others for guiding us or doing the thing we don’t know for the first time is okay. They will help us ,but if we repeat to ask for help they will get irritated and leave us . There is a limit for helping others and asking for. If we are over dependent on them , they will know it and use us for their evil needs or taunt us always and insult us and our self esteem.

By asking for help again and again for the things which we can do on our own ,stops our growth . We will make mistakes no one is perfect or learned from the womb. But as we will make mistakes we will learn to do ,and with practice we will become perfect in doing those things . Never help others and make them dependent on yourself. Once you will feel happy for knowing they need you ,but it will stop their growth too and one day when you won’t be available to help they will blame you and eventually leave you. Saying no and putting yourself first is absolutely ok. If you don’t have time for their things which they can do on their own ,but are lazy to do you should say no. Let them get hurted and think whatever they want.

No pain no gain. We can’t be lucky always. We have seen some people during examinations depends on their friends and don’t do study . They force others to show and help them for answer. . As they are taunting ,other people help them ,they get marks and passed. But they have no real knowledge of the subject . They can’t use the knowledge in practical as they don’t know it. So, don’t spoil their habits by helping them, and not yours by asking them. They will hate you but once they do study on their own ,they will be proud that they passed on their own effort and that is the real achievement.

Start to depend on yourself and it will be the greatest achievement you will ever get. Don’t depend others for complimenting you ,loving you, helping you, caring for you…when you can do it yourself. People will come and go but in the end you are the only person you are with . So keep bettering yourself even if you fail , try and you will succeed. Never show your weaknesses to someone as you never know when their intentions will change and back stab us .

Love yourself, don’t depend on others to motivate you ,pat you , do it yourself. Be proud for yourself, celebrate yourself, care for yourself, ask others to be with you to support but do the things on your own. Stand by yourself , do things by yourself. Let others think you are selfish when you know it is selflove. By not helping them again and again and asking for help .you are growing and learning to do things on your own. By being in -dependent and independent

Thank you🌸for reading. Much love ❤ and healings 🌟 to you.

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