And action🎬

A superior man is modest in his speech ,but exceeds in his actions.


Everyone is too concerned with what they are going to do instead of what they are doing.


You don’t have to see the whole staircase ,just take first step .

Martin Luther King Jr.

Hey, visitor ..hope you are doing excellent wherever you are. Lets get to the topic. We have always heard that actions speak louder than words. But we fall for words more often than the action. We believe in words, that is absolutely fine. But , if the words doesn’t matches the action ,then there is no use. We always get hurted if someone left us , because we were falling for their words and not their actions. They were revealing themselves in actions but we fall for words they spoke again and again. We end up hurting ourselves. If someone is loyal, passionate, loving to us we can see it and feel it in there actions.

So , if you don’t want to be blinded by words and get hurted , start seeing the reality in their actions. Many can say but only some can prove and achieve. Saying is not bad at all , but if what said , is just in words and not in actual action and no effort is being taken there to improve , so it is of no use at all. Leave the person if they are just sayers and not doers. No matter how small or big effort should be taken and appreciated . The results won’t be too early but if someone is taking effort to complete the action they said to us in words. It is much appreciated, we should stay with them if they are taking genuine effort , to stay with us, love us.

Some people don’t say , they prove in action . This is other side where the person maybe quite and you feel , oh he /she doesn’t say anything to me like those sweet lies, words, forever thing. But its not good to judge them on words , if their action speaks louder. They will prove to you and put effort in you even without you saying a single word. Look for actions in them . It says it all, about their behavior ,their commitment ,love. Choose wisely, while engaging in people.

Lets talk about goals and our effort in others. We should be doing the same not just saying but doing it actually. To achieve anything money, love, success, we need to consistent in our effort no matter how low we feel someday and we reach to a point it won’t work , or i don’t see any results … if your effort is consistent you will surely get the results. But not when you want it . Results and goals will be achieved when you are ready for it . Universe will give you things only when you are ready for it.

You should dream big there is no harm in that. As you will achieve it someday. But not only dreaming and repeating the words. I will do this ,that will make you achieve, action is mandatory. Remove the word ‘will’ from the dictionary and add’ have’ word to it. If you want to achieve something you have to take action and effort on regular basis. You should have love and compassion for your goals. You should have confidence in yourself that nothing is impossible for me. I can achieve anything i want …if i put my effort and do action to achieve it on daily basis.

Write your goals and take small steps to achieve it. Do something daily that it will take you towards your goal. Once you do it on daily basis ,it will become your habit and you will be more fascinated towards achieving it . As the results will be your dream you wanted to achieve. If you have set time limit for your goals and even if you put effort daily it isn’t achieved. So don’t give up, maybe you are one step closer towards it. Don’t see the staircase just take the steps. Put effort, be consistent. It won’t give you quick results but the results are guaranteed.

When you feel like giving up , think about how long you have came and what made you come here . That is your dreams. And go on…keep the burning desire for your dreams alive and take steps each day.

Change your body language . If you feel sad or you see someone who is always frown. Show them the beauty of life. Tell them how the weather is so good. There is much more good things in life . Tell them to straight their back ,pull their shoulders and smile as big they can . There will be sudden change in their mood. Feeling low confident , just chin up stand straight do a power pose like keeping your hand on waist . And here your mood changes .

Thank you🌸for reading. Much love❤ and healings 🌟 to you.

9 thoughts on “And action🎬

  1. Getting into a routine, a habit of doing things is so important. Our lives have changed a quite a bit in recent months. The schedule and routine I once had, became something new. With summertime in Alaska, our family is on the go enjoying the outdoors (around work schedules too). To do what I love, which is includes my writing and my photography, I need to learn to make time in order to make gains and steps toward becoming my ultimate self.

    Many blessings to you!
    Keep inspiring!

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