Celebrating yourself🍷

Document the moment you feel most in love with yourself, what you are wearing ,who you’re around ,what you’re doing. “Recreate and Repeat”


Cherish the way you sparkle🌟


The more you praise and celebrate your life. The more there is in life to celebrate.

Oprah winfrey

We always love to take part in other’s celebration and ya that’s a good thing. I guess in our life many people don’t celebrate enough as they just celebrate on special occasion ex: birthday ,anniversary etc.

We are born in each new day we enter. At night when we sleep in the hope to wake up tomorrow. Its our new birth, each day…new life…so , why shouldn’t we celebrate ourselves each day? Everyday is your birthday . I am not saying to throw a birthday bash or buy something expensive everyday . That’s all material stuff, and the happiness from it doesn’t stay longer. Each day when you get up, look around and be proud and grateful of yourself as you have been gifted a one more day in life. Don’t find special occasions to love yourself. You can celebrate it every day by wearing what you like, doing a bit of self love by pampering yourself with gratitude, being proud, eating what you like, pursuing what you love. Find a me time and do what your heart enjoy the most.

Celebrate each and every small win . You deserve a special treatment by yourself for winning a situation, goal, hardship. If you got a praise celebrate yourself , if you done your work on time celebrate it, if you make someone feel better about themselves celebrate. There are many reasons to celebrate yourself and life. Just have a look around. While taking small steps towards success and achieving them . Celebrate small date with yourself. It can be different to everyone, i celebrate my small wins by treating myself with my favorite food. You can tell yourself that if you accomplished a task no matter how hard it is ,you will gift yourself whatever you like or do whatever your heart says… you can dance , eat , sing, spend a time with loved ones anything. Celebration doesn’t need sparkling and fancy things ,it just needs a feeling of achievement and happiness. You can celebrate with your favorite chocolate though.

Celebrate your body by drinking lots of water,healthy stuff. And keep your gift ready. If you eat healthy for a week , you have achieved a small win and the gift of your effort is you are a healthy person and fit. Think positive, talk positive, keep hoping and take a small step to achieve it. But don’t get overjoyed , you still have a long journey to pass.

There is no need of special occasion to make yourself and your loved one’s feel special. Don’t just let them feel special only on day’s , Valentine’s, mother’s , father’s day and etc. Make them feel wanted and loved all the seasons, years,hours. Not just buying things to them . But expressing how grateful you are to have them in life. By saying how you feel about them. How much you love them. Its not things it’s the words of love,appreciation and kindness . Which makes them feel more special.

Spend time with them gift them time. Because in this hectic world and busy world people don’t have time for their own parents. So , please take out time for them and yourself. Go out on a vacation or cook a meal. People just need words of appreciation from you, if you it every day ,they will go oceans for you. Make them and yourself feel loved. Success won’t come easy but celebrate your wins no matter how small they are. Give a pat to yourself for not giving up. Be proud of yourself . Celebrate others by making them feel loved.

Today , i am celebrating my one month birthday of this blog. And i would like to thanks each and every person in this one month journey. Your words keep me going. Your support is very valuable for me. Toast to one month journey and many more years.

Thank you🌸 for reading. Much love❤ and healings🌟 to you.

13 thoughts on “Celebrating yourself🍷

  1. Perfect timing about celebrating oneself! On my Facebook blog, I posted a video of myself saying I was celebrating. My reason? Because I am worth it! Self love 💗 We need to be much more patient and kind to ourselves. Keep the inspiration coming 😉

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