Although the world is full of suffering ,it is full also of the overcoming of it .

Helen keller

Sit with the pain ,until it passes , and you will be calmer for the next one.


Be patient and tough ,someday this pain will be useful to you.


Pain is not escape able . We all have to suffer in life. Either it strengthens us or it makes us weak. There are different kinds of pain. Physically,mentally ,emotionally. We can’t escape it. We have to suffer and let it go. Everything happens for a reason. And everything falls in alignment when the right time occurs. The pain is temporary but regret is forever. We have to make decisions in our life or face such things that we have not imagined. At first we don’t understand and blame others for why it happened ,why the person left, why we are surrounded by such circumstances, why problems occur back to back in our life? What is my fault , I am so good why bad things happens to me? Such many more questions occur and we keep crying and stay frustrated. We want to run from the pain but when we decided to run it hurts more and more. There is always hidden pain in our heart. Which has shaken our life. We can’t change it . We faced too many struggles and won too many battles in our life. We have survived the most difficult situations which we thought we couldn’t. These suffering and pains are gift for us if we change our perception. I don’t appreciate physical violence ,its not a gift its a crime. Mental pain makes us stronger as it gives us mechanism to overcome any situation.

We lose many things in our life which were too near to us. But everyone has a role ,they play it and go away. We can’t force anything but accept the reality. Pain makes us stronger day by day. We should never let it harm ourselves. The pain and situation is temporary and if you survive this pain ,you can survive many more things. If we have many problems in our life, we should think it as a gift from god. Because once we heal from pain nothing can hurt us anymore. God gives problems to those people who have strength and capabilities to overcome it. We have to learn from all the situations in our life. As it is there to change our life. And bring a positive change in future. You should never lose hope.

As you all know no pain ,no gain. In order to achieve something we have to trade something. For example , in order to achieve success we have to trade it with hard work and sweat. You have to be strong ,and each and everyday you have to appreciate yourself as you have survived and overcome your pain. Give a pat on your back. You are a brave soul. The most difficult exam is life. There will be many different and difficult questions. Which we don’t know. But we can try to answer and take effort to study and overcome it.

If you don’t fail ,you won’t appreciate success. If your heart wasn’t broken ,you won’t have appreciate love. You just have to take courage and make your self so capable that you could overcome any pain and any situation. The difficult time you overcome ,the pain you suffered everything will be rewarded. You will have the fruit of achievement. Feel the pain , understand that it is for your growth , learn from it. Difficulties are to make you more stronger. You are a brave soul. You have to try hard to win the battle with pain. Pain is just temporary , nothing lasts for lifetime. So , gather strength , appreciate yourself , love yourself ,you have overcome your pain and won the battle. You are more capable of what you think.

Everyone is suffering a battle inside their mind . So , don’t ever hurt anyone on purpose. Don’t give pain to others that you would not want it for yourself. Keep yourself in their shoes and think . Don’t judge anyone ,because you only know the chapter you entered not the whole story. Give yourself time to heal. Give yourself words of affirmation. Give yourself and others the strength and hope. Stand with yourself and others in their difficult times. Every pain has a purpose to make yourself better and to give you strength.

Thank you🌸for reading. Much love ❤and healings 🌟 to you.

Published by sakshi shinde

A soul who is eager to inspire you and relate to you so that you won't feel alone

8 thoughts on “Pain.💔

  1. Battles of the mind are the toughest kind. When you get to a place of peace, no longer do the wars inside yourself seem so big to fight. With faith, courage and strength, you can overcome anything!

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  2. I don’t know, I really don’t. I wonder whether you are right? I suspect we could make the world otherwise, I really do. Science and a growth in the human spirit really could make a heaven on earth. Read the aims of the philosopher David Pearce and the Abolitionist project. I can not and will not accept that the world must always involve suffering. It should not. We have the power to make it otherwise.

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