When things inside you change,Things around you changes too.


Change is hard at first ,messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

Robin sharma

Do we like to use the same clothes daily? Do we eat the same type of food daily? Do we try to change daily? No , we don’t use ,eat or try to change our habits daily. But have you ever thought ,when you repeat the same amount of things daily…you get the same amount of results! Your growth is stopped to a limit . We tend to be only in our comfort zone . But you know ,the growth is out of comfort zone. We have to step out of it ,to make the impossible things possible. We have to keep changing ourselves a bit daily. If we repeat the same routine daily ,we will surely make our life boring .

We always tend to change ourselves according to the trends. So why not change ourselves when we step in a new day? A new day is a new start , a new chapter, blank page. You won’t write the same things on the whole book. If you want to control your anger in a day , it won’t happen. You have to take small baby steps daily as you know drops fill the oceans.

Write down on a piece of paper what you want to change in your life and start planning for it. Climb a step each day. Gather courage and be prepared for any situation in life. Any change in life. As when you try to change you will feel frustrated or feel like no , it’s not going to happen i can’t do this. You have to gather courage, Rome wasn’t build in a day. Patience is must . When you change your way of thinking and speaking . It will be hard for you. As your mind won’t be able to break the old habits easily but surely when you repeat the new changes it will turn into a habit.

Change is mandatory in life. Nothing remains constant. Neither we nor others. Our way of feeling also don’t stay for long. The situations also don’t stay permanently. As our body changes its cells daily, why shouldn’t we change ourselves?

To cope up with change you need to be consistent. We have to accept that others will also change according to situations . So stop ,feeling bad for their changed behavior ,we should also change our outlook and move on. You have to love yourself daily and practice self -care to get the habit of loving yourself. Try new things, change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change. There are two sides of coins. Never judge a book by its cover. Change your habits. Think positive and thrash out the negative thoughts. Practice self confidence to be adaptable to change. When you try something new you know it won’t be perfect at first you may fail several times but you have to try and deal with it.

Try to be better at something you are good at. Whenever you feel down change your place . Go for a trip or walk in nature. Whenever you are in stress ,do meditation and clear your thoughts find the most suitable solution for it. Whenever you need a change in life, change your activities ,try something new. If someone wants you to change yourself and if it is for your own benefit you should go ahead. Love yourself more. Take risks , come out of comfort zone and you will be amazed to know the other side of life.

Thank you 🌸for reading. Much love ❤ and healings 🌟 to you.

Published by sakshi shinde

A soul who is eager to inspire you and relate to you so that you won't feel alone

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