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“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”🎨

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We live in a society where we have number of restrictions ,myths which are inherited to us by them for ourselves and the society.

But you know that breaking the rules doesn’t only apply to outside world , also within us breaking the rules within us is very important.

We live in a world where people opinions are bound to decide our capabilities and their words affect our decisions the most.

People keep judging us and takes decision for us but why to depend on others to make a decision for our own life ? Why we let them decide for us what is good for us and what’s bad when we know it by ourselves?

Why we depend on others to compliment us so that we can feel good or beautiful?

Even if someone doesn’t appreciate it doesn’t mean its not there . We should break the rules of allowing their opinions to affect us !

Go break the rules know yourself do what your heart says .people will never truly appreciate give yourself so much love that their opinions doesn’t matter to you.

You have to break the rules of your own limitations you never know what your capable of until you test yourself.

Go try what you always wanted to do even if you fail you will learn from it and master it one day. Go follow your dreams say what your heart wants do what your comfortable in.

Learn to accept not everyone will like you and not every one matters if you love yourself.

Believe in yourself treat yourself as you want someone else to treat you.

Go out on date with yourself buy that meal buy that dress which you loved .

Live the life you want let people call you selfish you know its self love.

Never give anyone the key of your happiness that will affect you .Dont depend on others to appreciate you when you can appreciate yourself you should be proud of yourself as you followed your heart.

I always make myself feel better 🌸and i know what i am capable of so anyone’s opinions doesn’t affect me even if anyone criticize me i take it as their inability to see my talents. I am proud of myself.

Break the mindset👉 that you are not capable of this or that you have to take your own decision you can do whatever you decide. Follow your heart.❤

Thank you for reading much love and healings to you❤

Published by sakshi shinde

A soul who is eager to inspire you and relate to you so that you won't feel alone


  1. You’re right. We have one life, there is no dress rehearsal. You can’t go through life worried about upsetting people. Where possible we should always try to respect others, and not disrupt or upset their lives, but if the pursuit of happiness is our goal, we should not lose sight of that, or what it is we need to do to achieve that. For most of us happiness is an inclusive emotion, that involves other’s happiness too, so we shouldn’t feel too guilty about achieving it!! Take care, Paul

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