Letting go🍃

“One of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart and soul.” – Brigitte Nicole.

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Letting go🍁 is one of the most important and difficult decision in our life. It is freedom from pain, guilt, regret. Staying in pain affects your mind and health so badly so why hang on it?
People come in our life for a reason we make memories with them we love them but some of them leave us in our most difficult time. We had started the habit of depending on them for emotional purpose. Letting it go is so difficult but we have to move on. Just be happy😄 that you tried level best efforts to stop them . They came in our life for a reason 🌟to teach us a important lesson we have to just ask ourselves what is this incident trying to teach me.
Just remember what’s yours❤ will surely come to you and never leave you in some ones life it comes early and in someone life it comes later. We just have to have patience and give yourself the time to heal.
We should never carry hatred for anyone for doing bad to us they left us and we got to see their real face before time.
We should forgive ourselves we also do number of mistakes in our life if we hurted someone we should ask for apolpgy and forgive ourselves for our mistakes as we learned what should we not do.
In order to cherish success we must fail , in order to cherish love we must be hurted. We should never think that if something bad happens to us is because we deserved it no we didn’t deserve it it happened so because God wants something better for us in our life. We cannot be happy all the time but we can be strong enough to let go and learn a lesson and stand back and move on.
Once you move on you should never look back in the past.
People clinge on past and make their present miserable.
Let the Bygones be bygones. Don’t judge the present or the future on the basis of past.
Some people had a bad experience they think that everyone is coming to hurt them only and doesn’t trust them. Dear you should remember the lesson not the hatred everyone is different if you focus on negative and bad things you will get it more change your perspective focus on the good things you will get it more.
This is life nothing stays forever even we change according to trends so why not change ourselves according to experiences.
Have patience cry if you want to scream say everything that’s is your mind but only for one time after that stand up and never look at it move on.
Be grateful for the process and pain as it makes you stronger.
If it’s out of your hand it deserve freedom from your mind too.

Thank you for reading🌟much love and healings to you❤

Published by sakshi shinde

A soul who is eager to inspire you and relate to you so that you won't feel alone

14 thoughts on “Letting go🍃

  1. Love this!!

    Letting go isn’t easy…healing takes time.
    I know how thoughts are and how thoughts can be…like an old movie reel playing over and over again.
    I’m ready for a new chapter in my book,
    With that, it’s time for a full release and letting go of what was 🙂

    Keep writing and inspiring!!

    Liked by 1 person

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