Comparing with yourself

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” The truly rich are those who enjoy what they have” – Yiddish proverb

If you learn to love yourself and take best care of yourself you should stop comparing with others.
Comparing with others will only make you feel sad and anxious. My question is why to compare with others and feel that you are lacking what they have?
Competing with others in a game is different thing. As you know life is not a game so stop comparing. The grass is greener on the other side always until you don’t go in depth and see they are lacking what you have .
I once read a story about a farmer he was best in his field the crops were so nicely grown he used to feel happy one day he saw that on the other side of the field the crops are more bigger than his field he used to feel envy and did everything to grow the crops like the other side. He was curious and decided to go on the other side and see why their crop is so well grown and what’s the secret. He went and he was shocked to see that only one little piece of land was having that crops and other piece were dry. The size also seem so small when he went there. His field was so well and was all greener all the field he thought he felt grateful and what he have and stopped comparing.
No one is having a perfect life as the social media makes it. No one post their sadness, failures on it. People pretend to be happy. Every thing has its own time no one gets success overnight it takes lot of effort and patience to achieve success.
You always wonder if you had that money that home that skill that spouse that family you would be successful. Not at all happiness doesn’t comes from external material it comes from within yourself.
Everyone is lacking something in life no one is having a perfect life and there is no need to be. Be happy and accept what you have and put efforts tin improving it. If you love yourself you won’t compare with others. You can get the life you want and you can achieve it you can have that skill others have by learning it.
By comparing with yourself what you were in past you should always try to upgrade your version of yourself in a positive manner. Be happy with what skills you have the family you have the house everything and if you don’t like what you have you can change it with improving yourself and getting what you want. Every one desire to be happy and the happiness comes from within.
Remember what Edison said I have nit failed i’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. If he would have compared with his school mates and thought he can’t do anything we would have lived a life in dark. Scary right. Be grateful for what you have keep improving yourself be happy for other people success everyone is suffering.

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A soul who is eager to inspire you and relate to you so that you won't feel alone

4 thoughts on “Comparing with yourself

  1. What will we get by comparing ourselves wid other ? Only dissatisfaction 😊 for what we not have . This is what a reader need that you’ve expressed🤗

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